The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 395 Avaricious

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The information obtained from the soul searching technique was guaranteed to be true, but there was a ninety percent chance it would be damaged. But unless it was absolutely essential, Elder Jiang didn’t want to use this method.

Elder Jiang was howling with laughter, his heart was content. But he suddenly heart a loud sound, “peng”.

The hurricane originally spinning around Hexi suddenly, violently began to shake. Soon after, a crack even appeared.

A child-like voice carrying some mischievousness started laughing, “Smelly old man, this tornado can’t be broken from the inside, but it can be from the outside, easily.”

The voice just came out when Hexi came out of the crack, with a body full of wounds, carrying a Purple Abyss Vine riddled with scars.

Following Hexi leaving, the Thousand Wind Blades that made up the tornado quickly disappeared into thin air.

And a blood covered small dragon hung by Hexi’s side. Facing Hexi, it mischievously laughed, “Lao da, I already tidied up that other group. Hai hai (coughing)…… I, I didn’t pull your back leg!”

The light in Hexi’s eyes dimmed a bit as she crouched down to carry the Little Golden Dragon. It didn’t know when her hand had so much medicinal powder but she lightly spread it on the fierce wounds on it’s flesh, softly saying, “Didn’t I tell you to run when there was danger?”

The medicinal powder was spread across it’s body, causing the Little Golden Dragon’s aching body to tremble. But in spite of this, it still willfully laughed. “Lao da, you’re so brave and fierce. I am your xiao di [1], how can…… ke ke…… How can I run away? Isn’t that losing your, lao da’s, face?”

“He he, no matter what, it’s ben zun…… because I was undaunted by the danger, I was able to damage that trash tornado. Lao da, you owe me a favor, ah!”

“Got it.” Hexi used gauze to wrap up it’s wounds before softly saying, “Obediently enter my s.p.a.ce and when lao da to teaches a lesson to these bad people, I’ll make delicious food for you.”

The Little Golden Dragon’s eyes brightened. Rubbing against Hexi’s wrist, he didn’t hesitate to go back inside her s.p.a.ce.

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Elder Jiang’s complexion became grave and avaricious. The way he looked at Hexi seemed as if he was looking at a monster, “Didn’t expect that you not only had a nine-tailed spirit fox, but you also had a golden dragon.”

After a moment, “hu la” was heard and the cool breeze flag began to violently shake, swirling up an immense sandstorm.

This time, it won’t only be dust and tree leaves. Even the tiles and bricks on the house will be picked up into the hurricane. So much so that even the hill shook and swayed.

Hexi’s complexion was grave and a blue and red long sword appeared in her hand. She got this sword from Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, it was the sword that fit her the most now– – Li Shui sword. It had both the water attribute and fire attribute.

But before Hexi could move the sword, the Purple Abyss Vine in her hand seemed to have not listened to her command and abruptly rose up into the air.

[1] xiao di – younger brother

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