The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 394 Do You Dare Receive It?

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Thinking up to here, Elder Jiang took a deep breath, his cold gaze looked towards Hexi as he slowly said, “Looks like you won’t choose to surrender and pay allegiance to my Jiang family?”

Hexi held onto the Purple Abyss Vine again and lightly laughed, “Old fart, I dare to surrender and pay allegiance, do you dare to receive it?”

“Just based on some loisy Jiang family, you want me to surrender and pay allegiance? Don’t dream too big!”

“In this world, the people who can make me obedient and surrender haven’t been born yet!”

The fury in Elder Jiang’s eyes flashed as he coldly said, “Good, very good! Nothing more than an insignificant Foundation Establishment stage and one’s way of speaking really isn’t small.”

“Originally I still wanted to give you face, but seeing as you’re unable to tell good from bad, I won’t stand on ceremony [1].”

When he finished speaking, a cyan flag suddenly appeared in his hand.

This flag’s appearance resembled the black flag Feng Yunjing carried inside the white fog, but it to be a lot less imposing when compared to that black flag.

When the cyan flag appeared in Elder Jiang’s hand, it was only the size of his palm, but when spiritual energy was poured in, it suddenly grew in size.

Elder Jiang lowly roared, “Thousand Wind Blade– –!”

The cyan flag flew up and suddenly swirled up into a tornado, completely encircling Hexi.

Once she was trapped inside the tornado, Hexi felt an immense pressure.

This tornado was actually formed with countless wind blades and every wind blade had the spiritual pressure and attack force of a Gold Core stage martial artist.

Inside the hurricane, Hexi had no way to move, she could only pa.s.sively defend.

Under these straitened circ.u.mstances, her body quickly developed numerous bruises of all shapes and sizes.

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And, this was under the Purple Abyss Vine protecting her at full force, if not, she wouldn’t have merely received bruises.

But for the first time, the Purple Abyss Vine was determined to resist against her command. No matter how badly it got cut up by the wind blades, it continued to protect Hexi. Even if it’s vines were breaking off, root by root. It didn’t consent to allowing her receive any mortal injuries.

Elder Jiang laughed out loud, “Don’t struggle, this Pure Wind flag, when paired with the Thousand Wind Blade is actually my unique skill. As long as you’re trapped inside, even high level Gold Core stage martial artists wouldn’t be able to even think about coming out.”

“You’re merely an insignificant Foundation Establishment stage youngster, do you really think you can rely on some magical plant, with unknown origins, and be able to get out of the Thousand Wind Blade? Don’t dream anymore!”

“I advise you to hand over the replenishing arteries and veins extinct method now, this way I may still give you a way out. If you continue refusing to listen to reason, I can also beat you into a useless person and take out the things I want from your brain. By then, you better not regret!

[1] stand on ceremony – he won’t be “nice” anymore

[2] mountains beyond mountains, people beyond people – there’s always someone more talented

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