The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 392 To Create A Diversion

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“If you guys wish, I can go to the marketplace to buy a dozen more and compensate you guys?”

“These words, didn’t Elder Jiang just moments ago say them with his own mouth?”

At this moment, Elder Jiang’s benevolent expression finally had a small crack. His expression when looking at Hexi became colder and gloomier.

Doctor Xie knew that Elder Jiang had moved to the point of wanting to kill, his heart was carefree as he coldly looked towards Hexi, mockingly saying, “Having been called Genius Doctor Xi, you really think you’re a genius doctor.”

“I’m telling you, it’s best if you don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit. Today, if you obediently surrender and pay allegiance to my Jiang manor, we’ll forget about this. If you dare to resist, your subordinate’s end will be your end.”

At this moment, Elder Jiang’s voice also turned frosty. “Merely a few insignificant subordinates, if they died, then they died. It counts as an offer of apology for my subordinates offended Genius Doctor Xi. But Genius Doctor Xi, clearly understand your situation. Offending my Jiang family wouldn’t serve any benefit for you.”

Having heard what was said, Hexi lowly began to laugh, which slowly changed to arrogant laughter. “O, I seemed to have forgotten to tell you.”

Just a moment ago, I already visited your Jiang family’s laboratory, and found your hostages inside.”

“Seeing as you guys were so enthusiastic and hospitable to my Xiao Li, I also gave Elder Jiang a very small gift.”

By this time, Elder Jiang and Doctor Xie’s faces greatly changed.

Doctor Xie involuntarily yelled out [1], “You…… You visited the underground room? What did you do in there?!!”

Hexi lifted her eyes up, under her long eyelashes was a pair of glorious and starry eyes, however they contained a cold light. “Didn’t do anything, ah. It’s nothing more than a fire, that completely burning all the things inside.”

“Including those alive but inferior to death Medicinal Fertilizers, and also…… all the bound black spirit plants!”

“You– –! Unexpectedly you burned all our spirit plants!!” Doctor Xie loudly roared. Because he was extremely angry and distressed, his face warped, “Do you know how much heart’s blood we spent, how many generations we had acc.u.mulated in order to be able to raise those bound black spirit plants?!”

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Elder Jiang was also angered until his face turned blue. The gaze he looked at Hexi with no longer contained any fake good naturedness, all that was left was cold-heartedness. “Xi Yue, do you really think that this lao fu wants your replenishing arteries and veins extinct skill and will just ask for it from your mouth?”

The strength Elder Jiang used to throw was enormous, the purple vine was thrown very far away and one after another, they all hit a wall. Even the wall had a small spider web-like crack in it.

Elder Jiang felt very proud of himself in his heart, but he suddenly heard Doctor Xie’s alarmed shout, “Elder Jiang, save me!”

His face greatly changed, turning his head, he witnessed Doctor Xie who already had three or four purple vines twisting around him, hoisting him high up in the air and flying in Hexi’s direction.

This…… this youngster, the purple vines just then were simply part of the plan to create a diversion!

[1] involuntarily yelled out – he lost control of how loud his voice was

[2] yellow mouthed child – something used to call satirical, ignorant children

Birthday Update [3/4] nearly there! fun fact about myself: in my home, I actually speak Cantonese, not Mandarin

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