The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 391 Why Are You Angry?

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Naturally, this feeling only lasted for a split second. After all, Elder Jiang was already a Gold Core expert. He quickly returned back to reality and quietly raised his spiritual energy to oppose this youth’s imposing oppression.

The expression on his face was still the benevolent old man expression as he smiled, “It was merely a giant misunderstanding, that’s all. Genius Doctor Xi, there’s no need to fuss over such minor matters.”*

“Lao fu [1] merely heard of Genius Doctor Xi’s exceptional medical skills, so lao fu wanted to invite Genius Doctor Xi over to compare medical notes with you, a mutual exchange of a.s.sistance.”

Hexi said, “o”, her intonation was an unable to be said carelessness, “Compare medical notes? Just in order to call me over to compare medical notes, you find people to kill, burn, and abduct people?”

“Elder Jiang, this way of comparing medical notes is really new, really unusual, ah! Why don’t I come to give you some advice?”

Elder Jiang’s eyebrows raised as he chuckled, “O? There’s also this type of matter?”

Having said this, he seemingly turned around to blame Doctor Xie, who was standing behind him. “Chongming, what did you do?”

“Didn’t I tell you to go invite Genius Doctor Xie? How can you touch as you wish?”

Doctor Xie’s eyes changed, how could he not understand his master’s meaning? At once, he looked at Hexi with a face filled with remorse.

“Genius Doctor Xi, somewhat misunderstood. Originally, we respectfully came to request for you.”

“Who would’ve thought that the subordinates at your manor were unable to differentiate good from bad. Without distinguis.h.i.+ng between right and wrong, they regarded us as bad people, my subordinates were helpless and could only resist.”

“Who would have imagined that when we resisted, they didn’t grasp appropriate behavior…… Bringing Xiao Li guniang was also in order to get Genius Doctor Xi to come. We really wish for you to properly apologize.”

“As for those youngsters that didn’t know propriety and offended Genius Doctor Xi, I already firmly taught them a lesson. Wis.h.i.+ng Genius Doctor Xi is big and generous, don’t bother about them.”

These words that Doctor Xie spoke were both gentle and forceful, with a degree of propriety. When Elder Jiang heard them, he was immensely pleased.

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He couldn’t help but stroke his beard and smile, “If Genius Doctor Xi is still dissatisfied, it wouldn’t be a bother for me to completely kill those several subordinates in order to help you vent your anger.”

Ten purple vines floated around in the air, resembling a purple barrier. It also emitted a pungent b.l.o.o.d.y smell.

Doctor Xie’s face became extremely ugly and he sternly pointed at Hexi. “Xi Yue, don’t be shameless. We had good intentions and treated you with respect, yet you have the impertinence to raise your hand when Elder Jiang was speaking, are you impatient of living?”

The smiling expression on Hexi’s face slightly changed, her finger lightly caressed the Purple Abyss Vine as she sneered at him, “What? Didn’t you say, it’s merely a few insignificant subordinates, nothing more. Not worth any coins? Why are you angry now?”

*“minor matters”, b**** what! You literally slaughtered everyone in her courtyard!!!

[1] lao fu – means “I”, but only old men would use this term to address themselves

Birthday Update [2/4] fun fact: I’m unsure if you guys already know but, 生日快乐 (shēngrì kuàilè) is how you say happy birthday in Mandarin!

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