The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 390 Unknown Outcome

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“It’s hard to believe that Genius Doctor is so young. Not only do you have exceptional medical skills, unexpectedly, your cultivation stage is also so excellent. Really makes our group of old men not want to admit to our old age!”

His words had just been said when Hexi saw the group of guards who were originally surrounding her, including the middle-aged man, all let out revering expressions. One by one, these several people all stepped aside, creating a road.

At the end of the road, several tall, male silhouettes walked over.

All she saw was a male wearing a gray cloth gown with a long beard. His eyes were fixed on Hexi, they were filled with jealousy and bitter resentment. But it wasn’t Doctor Xie, who was it?

There was a fifty or sixty year old man walking in front of Doctor Xie. His hair and beard was already grizzled and his face had even more p.r.o.nounced wrinkles.

This old man was clearly many years older than Doctor Xie, but the brightness in his eyes was hidden [1] and from head to toe, the movement of his spiritual energy didn’t even leak out a tiny bit, this was clearly an expert.

And seeing Doctor Xie’s respectfulness when standing behind him, it explained that this person was Other Courtyard’s master and was also most likely the Elder Jiang these people kept mentioning.

And behind Elder Jiang and Doctor Xie, there were also two robust males following behind them. Their entire body was filled with muscles and looking at their cultivation, they had clearly already reached the summit of Meridians stage, far surpa.s.sing the guards in this courtyard by quite a bit.

Hexi only used her own special ability to examine and could clearly see that this Elder Jiang’s cultivation was already– – at the middle of Gold Core stage.

With Hexi’s current cultivation stage, any martial artists under Gold Core stage didn’t have any importance to her. But if she opposed someone at Gold Core stage, especially someone at the middle of Gold Core stage, the outcome was unknown.

Doctor Xie looked towards Hexi, the cold light in his eyes turned around before he chuckled. “Elder Jiang, this is the person this subordinate spoke to you about on that day, Genius Doctor Xi.”

Saying this, he looked towards Hexi and insincerely smiled. “Genius Doctor Xi, you’re wrong. We left a slip of paper at your house with good intentions and thoughts, inviting you over to be an honorable guest.”

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“Even if you weren’t grateful, how can you sneakily infiltrate our Other Courtyard and even harm the guards here?”

Elder Jiang was startled, looking at the youth in front of him, he became absent minded for a moment.

He had heard Doctor Xie say before, the genius doctor, was able to repair fractured bones and mend arteries and veins, was a young man.

He now saw with his own eyes and shockingly found that this youth’s age was so young, had such a fragile figure, and elegant appearance.

He clearly had the pretty complexion of a young lady, but his two eyes were piercing and frigid, as if one would shiver from just looking because of fright and coldness.

[1] the brightness in his eyes were hidden – I believe that when a martial artist reaches a certain level, they could control how bright their eyes were, she’s saying he’s deliberately hiding the brightness, causing him to appear normal when he’s actually extremely powerful (I tried my best explaining it, sorry if I mixed some stuff up ?)

Birthday Update [14] happy birthday to me and four chapters for you! ❤️

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