The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 385 Inhumane Experimen

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The Little Golden Dragon who had originally volunteered to clear out all the miscellaneous people in the underground prison suddenly let out an alarmed yell.

Hexi’s figure flashed and appeared next to the Little Golden Dragon’s side.

She was just about to ask the Little Golden Dragon what was going on when Hexi saw the scene before her. Her mouth was wide open and she was unable to say anything for half a day.

This underground prison had a place to interrogate and torture prisoners and the large site that she had just encountered with the “operating table”. But the prison’s deepest area had a tightly closed door.

When this door was opened, what appeared was a world as terrifying and cruel as h.e.l.l.

She only saw every room had a collecting spirit spell. Inside each spell, there was a stone bed and each stone bed had a creature laying down on it.

Some of these creatures were human and others were magical beasts. But what caused people to become overwhelmed with horror was that these people and magical beasts had various kinds of spirit plants growing all over their body.

These spirit plants grew out of their mouth, eyes, nose, and some others were coming out of their skin. These spirit plants were bright and gently swaying around in the spell. Apparently, they received an enormous amount of nourishment in the spell.

And the people who had spirit plants crammed in their eyes, ears, mouth and nose. But unfortunately, their stomachs were still moving up and down. They were still breathing, they were alive. So much so that their expressions showed that they wished they were dead.

Hexi sucked in a cold breath, slowly saying, “These brutes, are they really worthy to be called human?”

Hexi recognized that she was vicious and merciless, cruel and cold to people. But that was only if other people angered her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t kill them. She didn’t treat other creatures’ lives as gra.s.s, trampling over and tormenting them.

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Moreover, the scene in front of her eyes closely resembled the laboratory she rescued her didi from in her past life.

The Little Golden Dragon nodded his head, with a grave expression, he replied, “A thousand years prior, there were some martial artists who discovered that martial artists with spiritual energy abundant bodies had the best nourishment for bound black spirit plants. Bound black spirit plants were precious and hard to look for. They were even more difficult to raise, but they were extremely useful in every single aspect.”

“In order to gain more resources and satisfy their greed, this group of people began capturing all kinds of creatures. Without sparing any methods, they began to forcefully raise bound black spirit plants.”

“The method of forcefully raising the spirit plants are extremely cruel. The martial artists who are used as nourishment couldn’t live, nor could they die. [1] While they were alive, they had to bear the pain of their body being ripped apart until the nutrients in their bodies were completely taken by the spirit plants.”

“In the beginning, these people used magical beasts to forcefully raise the plants. But, they slowly realized that the magical beasts’ ability to nourish the spirit plants couldn’t compare to the abilities of martial artists. Subsequently, they began to abduct martial artists to use as fertilizer– – These martial artists got the name Medicinal Fertilizer.

“Later, because too many martial artists were worried and this method to forcefully raise the plants was too cruel, three kingdoms united to boycott it. The people who used forceful methods to raise the plants through Medicinal Fertilizers were completely ma.s.sacred by the angry relatives and friends of the martial artists who were harmed”

[1] couldn’t live, nor could they die – the martial artists wouldn’t be actually living, they would basically be forever stuck in a half-conscious state

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