The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 384 Medicinal Fertilizer

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Hexi rubbed Dandan’s head, this time, Dandan didn’t continue being willful. Instead, he grabbed Hexi’s finger, obediently nodding his head. “Mother, I will take good care of Xiao Li jiejie. You must take revenge for Xiao Li jiejie, o!”

Dandan quickly returned back to her s.p.a.ce and Hexi left the Purple Abyss Vine’s enchanted boundary. Slowly, she walked deeper inside the prison.

Before going to look for the main culprits to take revenge, she wanted to see what shady business these people were conducting in the prison.

This sort of thick smell of blood and putrid smell wouldn’t come from merely killing a few people.

Hexi had already previously mentally prepared herself. But when she walked into the deepest part of the bas.e.m.e.nt, the scene in front of her shocked her so much, her breathing stopped for a few moment.

Just after turning a corner, Hexi heard the sound of a child crying.

At this moment, several men wearing eccentric clothes were in the process of tying two young children to a stone table. Soon after, they (the guards) cut open their (the children’s) stomachs, but she couldn’t see what they were moving around in there.

Those two children were no more than five or six years old and had their chest opened and stomach split without any anesthesia. That sort of pain was definitely not something they could endure.

The sound of heartbreaking crying which made people worriedly pray rung out. “So painful, daddy, I’m very hurt. Save me……”

But the crying became weaker and weaker. In the span of a few short breaths, it turned into pained whimpers. Soon after, a brief shriek sounded out before it turned silent.

Among the oddly dressed group of men, one shook his head and angrily said, “Unexpectedly, the fog gra.s.s failed again. This Shi Long gra.s.s seed is too difficult to grow. Upon contact with nearly every medicinal fertilizer, this seed will get swallowed by the dantian. Even a fragrant incense can’t survive!”

Another person said, “These two children are considered good, they were able to survive past the time it took to burn a stick of incense. Ze ze…… their entire stomach got engulfed by the Shi Long gra.s.s. That manner is too wretched!”

“It seems like the younger the child is, the great chance they have of surviving. Next time, we’ll test it on a newborn infant”

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“Correct! Correct! It’s best if the parents are also Foundation Establishment stage. So the infant can certainly support the Shi Ling gra.s.s seed until it buds.”

Hexi’s eyes were ice cold and her hands didn’t hesitate. In an instant, a purple vine flew out. The sharp tip of the solid vine entered inside these people’s bodies, making “pu pu” sounds.

These oddly dressed males didn’t even have time to groan before they got turned into dried corpses by the purple vine.

Hexi walked up to the two children’s corpses, dazedly staring at them for a moment. Soon after, she extended her hand to softly close their two eyes.

“Lao da, lao da, quickly come. Come…… Come look at these……”

*I’m unsure why the author said stone bed when she originally said stone table, but we’ll just go with it I suppose

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