The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 381 Replenishing Bone and Growing Flesh Efficacy

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Dandan covered his face as he cried, not daring to look at Xiao Li’s pained and anguished appearance. His small face was filled with concerned and frightened tears.

The Little Golden Dragon sat next to Dandan. He couldn’t help but look towards Hexi with a gaze filled with suspicion.

He was completely convinced that this woman didn’t have the means to be able to save this little fox. After all, this nine-tailed fox had no fur, it’s enchanted force was half gone, and it was only at Meridians stage.

But, at this moment, Hexi’s expression became steady and calm. She quickly took out medicine powders from her s.p.a.ce and sprinkled it into the spiritual spring water.

These anesthesia medicines were used to numb the nerves. Once they entered the bathing bucket, Xiao Li’s cries gradually changed into moans. Only her eyes stayed the same, closed shut from the pain. Her body was still twitching intermittently.

Hexi cautiously and solemnly took the fur out of the jade box. Using spiritual spring water, she carefully cleaned it. Then, under the Little Golden Dragon’s astonished gaze, she picked up a ball of yellow translucent gelatinous substance from the floor and began slowly smearing it on Xiao Li’s fur.

Flabbergasted, the Little Golden Dragon questioned, “That, what is that?”

Hexi’s movements didn’t stop as she quietly replied, “This is nectar from the Thousand Leaf Flower. I saw on ancient records, there was a replenishing bone and growing flesh efficacy. It’s just that, according to ancient records, this flower is extinct in Miluo Continent. It’s said that, as long as you smear this nectar and a large quant.i.ty of replenishing spiritual energy medications, you can regrow the limbs of martial artists. Don’t even mention re-binding skin and meat.”

Finished speaking, Hexi no longer paid any mind to the Little Golden Dragon’s astonished gaze. She took the fur, that had been cleaned by the spiritual spring water and had Thousand Leaf Flower nectar smeared on it, out of the spiritual spring water.

Soon after, Hexi’s hands began to move faster.

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She carefully and quickly covered Xiao Li’s body with the fur, allowing every inch of the body to be completely joined together by the fur.

Hexi nodded her head. “Yes, I came back. Xiao Li, refrain from talking for now and obediently turn around your enchanted force, allow your body to recover.”

Dense pain and guilt rose in Xiao Li’s eyes. Her voice trembled as she said, “Miss, I couldn’t save Wet Nurse Chen and couldn’t save Bie Courtyard’s people. You gave Bie Courtyard to me, but I…… Forgive me, I’m no good……”

“Xiao Li, don’t talk anymore!” Hexi’s hands tightly clenched into fists, hoa.r.s.ely saying, “Xi Jia and the others didn’t die, I already brought them back to life. All you need to do right now is keep on living, stay by my side, and wait for your gege to come back.”

“Xi Jia…… didn’t die. Too…… Too good……” At this moment, Xiao Li clearly had the appearance of a little fox as her face flashed with a brilliant smile. “Miss is truly too awesome…… I really admire you, to be able to continue and follow by Miss’s side…… I…… I want to always follow by Miss’s side…… And gege…… We will never seperate……”

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