The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 380 Will She Die?

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Hexi recalled Xiao Li’s ability to communicate with animals and guessed that these insects and ants came to avenge her (Xiao Li).

It was just that, these ants and insects were ordinary creatures. They couldn’t penetrate a martial artist’s spiritual energy barrier, so when Xiao Li was skinned in front of them, they were powerless to do anything. All along, they waited as Hexi completely destroyed these two people before they dared to come out and cleanly gnaw and bite through these men.

Hexi first poured the bone water on the two people’s skeletons, ensuring that they would disappear without a trace from this world, before she went back to Xiao Li’s side.

By now, Xiao Li’s circ.u.mstances weren’t too optimistic. Although her vitality wasn’t completely exhausted, her body’s enchanted force was almost entirely used up.

With this sort of circ.u.mstances, even if she was able to survive, she would become an ordinary fox without any spiritual wisdom. She (Xiao Li) would never again be able to become her (Hexi’s) Xiao Li.

Furthermore, the most troublesome issue was the fur that had been skinned off.

The skin of people and fur of animals was a form of protection for oneself. In the case that fur or skin left the body, it would lose all vitality and there wouldn’t be anyway to join it together with the body. This was completely different from a broken hand or foot.

And without her fur, even if Xiao Li recovered her enchanted force, sooner or later, she would die. After all, there was many harmful bacteria that couldn’t be seen, floating around in the air. Even if one’s enchanted power was outstanding, it wouldn’t be able to continuously fight against infection.

In a flash, Dandan and the Little Dragon already appeared by Hexi’s side.

Dandan cried and threw himself at Xiao Li’s body, only to be pulled back by Hexi.

The small fellow cried so much his eyes were completely red. Choked with emotion, he said, “Mother, what’s wrong with Xiao Li jiejie [1]? Will she die?”

Although he once thought about eating this nine-tailed fox, after a.s.sociating with her, Dandan was already fond of this xiao [2] jiejie.

When he thought about her miserable state and the possibility of her dying, Dandan cried until he didn’t even know who he was.

Contrary to one might think, the Little Golden Dragon wasn’t concerned over the little fox’s life or death. It was just that, the Golden Dragon and the nine-tailed fox were spiritual beasts that all of mankind yearned for. Their entire body was precious and longed after by people. If one appeared in front of people when they were still an infant, it was very likely that they would be skinned and their bones would be torn apart.

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Looking at the state that the little fox was in now, the Little Golden Dragon nevertheless felt a heavy feeling and hurt for her (Xiao Li).

n.o.body could take away Xiao Li’s life. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds can’t and neither can Yama!

After she said this, the speed of Hexi’s hands increased.

She swiftly took out all kinds of tools from her s.p.a.ce. Afterwards, she used spiritual power to wrap up Xiao Li and place her inside a bucket full of spiritual spring water.

Upon entering the spiritual spring water, Xiao Li let out pained cries and her entire body ceaselessly trembled.

Without any fur protecting her, even if she touched the purest spiritual spring water, it would still cause her to feel so grieved she would wish she was dead.

[1] jiejie – (姐姐) older sister

[2] xiao – (小) small or little

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