The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 377 A Hundred Times More Painful Than Dying

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After saying this, he picked up a stick and poked the meat ball. “Are you certain that this little fox is still alive? The previous people who had their skin peeled off only lived for two hours. Seeing that the time they were suffering and in pain didn’t last long I, your daddy, out of sorts.”

That’s correct, next to them was a meat ball that was dripping with blood. The meat ball’s entire body didn’t have any fur on it and it was lightly twitching.

If one didn’t carefully look at it, they truly wouldn’t be able to tell that this was a living animal, forget about it even being a nine-tailed fox.

The tall and thin male’s face held a ‘you idiot’ expression as he laughed. “Don’t look at the b.l.o.o.d.y ball in this moment. Don’t forget, this is a nine-tailed fox. Do you think that their magical ability and power can be compared to some insignificant and ordinary person?”

“Feel at ease, even if we put her under the scorching sun for three days and three nights, she won’t die. Only this feeling, is definitely a hundred times more painful then dying…… he he……”

The short and stout guard’s face had an excited expression. “After Elder Jiang gets those extinct methods from that so-called Genius Doctor, it would be better to take this little fox out and let the sun shine on it.”

“Up until now, I still remember the miserable shrieks the fox emitted when we were skinning her. This sound is truly too wonderful! It’s even more exciting than torturing a hundred people!”

The tall and thin guard’s eyes were also filled with light, but he shook his head. “Forget it, don’t even dream about it. This is a nine-tailed spirit fox, it’s fur isn’t the only valuable item on it. All the flesh and bones on it’s body are treasured objects. Elder Jiang specifically instructed that her body couldn’t have any damage.”

“If you truly tossed this little fox aside and let it die, then just wait and see how Elder Jiang will punish you!”

“Fine, fine. Got it!” The short and stout guard’s enthusiasm waned. But thinking about this little fox’s origins, he couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

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“I didn’t expect Doctor Xie’s luck to be so good. The hostage he randomly took turned out to be a nine-tailed fox. Wait for that young genius doctor to be captured. Doctor Xie’s achievements will turn big profits, perhaps the entire family will even receive rewards.”

The tall and thin man also had some lingering fears and shook his head. “If it becomes even a little bigger, I’m not sure we can handle it.”

“So, our luck is too good. In this world, there are very few nine-tailed spirit foxes. If we allow them to grow up, even mighty Nascent Soul stage martial artists would be unable to deal with them, let alone us.”

“He he, unfortunately, this little fox has only recently changed into human form. To add onto that, it didn’t run away in order to risk it’s life to protect the people inside Bie Courtyard. If not, she could’ve run off into the mountains and fields. Based on a fox’s agility, we wouldn’t be able to easily find her.”

Translator Note Well, they’re not going to last long… But I can’t say I’m very remorseful, these people are sickos.

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