The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 374 Massacre of An Entire Family

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Hexi took the kraft paper. Glancing at it, she discovered that the drawing on it resembled the design of a building, and sure enough, there was a symbol marking the entrance and location of the bas.e.m.e.nt.

And that jade slip was actually the key to opening the bas.e.m.e.nt.

After shopkeeper Qin handed over the map and jade slip, he warily watched Hexi. His voice trembled, “You agreed with me. As long as I handed you the map, you wouldn’t kill me!”

“Naturally.” Hexi walked outside as she stored away the map.

Behind her back, shopkeeper Qin’s face exposed a sinister smile.

The map had poison on it. The moment the poison made contact with blood, the person’s throat would seal up [1]. You just had to damage a little bit of skin and you would be injured.

Just moments prior, he saw Hexi’s finger brush past a sharp point coated with poison. It was just that, he didn’t detect it at all. Or, he simply didn’t care for these small wounds.

In the end, it was just a careless and inexperienced youth, ah. He was still able to trick him with such a trap.

Just by walking two steps out of the door, this youth would lose consciousness and fall to the floor. Additionally, the poison would completely engulf this youth’s spiritual energy.

Ha ha…… Now he just had to wait to capture that youth and take him to Doctor Xie to take credit for his work.

But, Hexi, who was a step away from exiting, suddenly stopped in her tracks. Slowly turning around, she exposed a hidden smile. “Are you guessing that, as long as I step out a step, the extremely poisonous Seven Steps Intoxication on my body would flare up?”

He discovered it. Unexpectedly, he had long since found out, and even found out that it was the Seven Steps Intoxication!!

Cold killing intent quickly flashed through Hexi’s eyes then disappeared. The Purple Abyss Vine on her wrist came out as if it was a phantom.

Shopkeeper Qin’s eyes were wide open and he frantically shouted out, “You said that you wouldn’t kill me! Ah, ah, ah– – – –”

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The Purple Abyss Vine quickly pierced into his skull. Inside his skull, it turned around in a circle before it unwillingly returned to Hexi.

It was the voices of the little manservant who had lost consciousness and the innocent part-time workers.

Their shrieking attracted the attention of everyone nearby, including the imperial guard. But upon seeing the miserable scene, everyone couldn’t help but hold their breath and feel a chill going up their back.

Every one of the corpses were nothing but a thin layer of skin covering bone, each one had wide open eyes that were filled with fright. This allowed the medicinal hall that was used to save people turn into a place more frightening than h.e.l.l.

One after another, everyone was trying to guess who was so vicious and merciless. Who was so reckless and bold, even going as far as to completely ma.s.sacre Ji Sheng Hall’s family in front of the imperial guard. In addition, they were also able to escape without a trace.

At this moment, Hexi, the “ruthless murderer” everyone was spiritedly discussing had long since arrived at the eastern outskirts’ other courtyard. Moreover, with the Purple Abyss Vine’s concealing abilities and the map, she was able to successfully locate the bas.e.m.e.nt’s entrance.

[1] made contact with blood, the person’s throat would seal up – it’s essentially saying that this poison is extremely potent. the moment it touches blood, you’re done for

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