The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 367 It Was You Guys Who Dared?

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Additionally, there was also the imposing manner that emitted out of him. Clearly it was a weak body, looking at people from far away. But it was as if he could crush ants without any extra trouble, causing shopkeeper Qin felt an unspeakable feeling of fear.

He stumbled backwards a step and his voice trembled. “You…… Who are you? What do you want to do here?!”

But just after speaking this, he suddenly discovered that this imposing and astonishing youth was merely at Foundation Establishment stage.

At first, shopkeeper Qin was shocked, he found it hard to believe. Soon after, he felt ashamed which turned into anger.

He…… He was scared by a youth at Foundation Establishment stage.

Although shopkeeper Qin himself was also just at Foundation Establishment stage, Ji Sheng Hall had numerous bodyguards. Among these, there were no lack of experts at Meridians stage.

For himself to be scared out of his wits by an insignificant youngster at Foundation Establishment, if this matter was spread out, other people would laugh until their teeth fell out.

Thinking up to here, shopkeeper Qin suddenly felt irritated. Facing towards the bodyguard behind him, he shouted, “You group of wastes, what are you doing still distractedly standing there? Did you not see this son of a b**** injure my son?”

“Still haven’t given it to me? Let her be chopped up into a pulp. Whoever gives Hai’er revenge and gives me an inch of her hand will be rewarded with a Replenishing Spirit Pill by me!”

Saying this, shopkeeper Qin’s sinister and resentful gaze looked towards Hexi and coldly said, “Nothing more but an insignificant Foundation Establishment stage martial artist. You had the courage to come and provoke Ji Sheng Hall. Today we let you enter with your life but you won’t leave here alive!”

Having heard what was said, the group of bodyguards loudly answered “Yes.” Quickly, they encircled Hexi.

These bodyguards were martial artists hired by Ji Sheng Hall. The lowest level martial artist was at high-rank Foundation Establishment stage. Hexi was merely an insignificant and weak youth at Foundation Establishment stage, how could they be compared?? They didn’t attach any importance to Hexi.

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So much so that they didn’t even take out their flying swords, instead, they took out regular swords in pa.s.sing and turned to rush towards Hexi.

Hexi narrowed her eyes, it was only until the bloodthirsty look in her eyes pa.s.sed before she fixed her attention onto the male and slowly said, “Bie Courtyard located on the east side at the foot of Cang Mountain, was it you guys who dared?”

Having heard what was said, the head male stopped in his steps. He and shopkeeper Qin turned to look towards each other, laughing out loud, “I was still wondering where such a rash youth came from. Unexpectedly, you rushing over to provoke my Ji Sheng Hall was originally for revenge!”

Shopkeeper Qin narrowed his eyes. With a grave expression he said, “Why would you come here? Thanks…… Was there not a slip of paper left telling you to go to the residence in the eastern outskirts?”

Could it be that the youth standing before him was the brilliant Genius Doctor Xi that Doctor Xie told him about!?

Why would he come to Ji Sheng Hall, wasn’t he supposed to go to the other courtyard in the eastern outskirts? Doctor Xi and the others had already set up a good trap, they were just waiting for her to walk into it!

Only, it didn’t matter if she didn’t go to the other courtyard in the eastern outskirts, it was no problem if she came here as well!

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