The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 366 Caged Bird

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Warning: There’s some cursing in this chapter, I’ve censored it but here’s a warning anyway

Soon after, from within her body, the purple vine twisted around and came out. It rapidly grew, quickly following along cracks in the door and the wall, growing all over Ji Sheng Hall’s courtyard.

Under the cover of the night, n.o.body saw that the both inside and outside of Ji Sheng Hall’s walls were densely covered in purple vines.

Additionally, this purple vine separated the two worlds through an enchanted barrier, allowing all the people inside Ji Sheng Hall to become caged birds. n.o.body would escape and n.o.body could let out any sounds.

A moonless and windy night was the best time for interrogation and murder.

Hexi retook the Purple Abyss Vine wrapping around Qin Hai. Qin Hai let out several violent coughs, immediately he wretchedly howled like a pig being slaughtered.

Because the Purple Abyss Vine put down an enchantment, people outside couldn’t hear anymore sounds from inside Ji Sheng Hall. But, naturally, the people inside Ji Sheng Hall’s courtyard could hear everything.

So when shopkeeper Qin Fu heard the screams, he couldn’t even be bothered to properly finish putting on his clothes before running out.

As he was running, he also screamed, “That son of a b**** is tired of living! Daring to come to Ji Sheng Hall to cause trouble, do they know whose territory this is?!!”

Qin Hai, who was originally wailing like ghosts and crying like wolves, immediately frantically threw himself over to shopkeeper Qin when he saw him approaching. Lifting up the arm that had been cut off at the wrist, he bawled. “Daddy, save me ah! You have to act as my master ah! My hand…… My hand…… It was all that smelly youngster, He…… He, in one swipe, chopped off my hand…… wu wu wu…… Daddy you have to take revenge for me, ah!!”

When shopkeeper Qin saw Qin Hai’s chopped off wrists, he could only see the white bone inside the fierce looking flesh. His two eyes blurred and his body staggered.

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Immediately, he was suddenly angry. “Who!? In the end, who was it *** that dared to hurt my son, I will dismember their body ten thousand times!!”

Could they study medicine? Could they practice magic? Absolutely not!! His sole son was now a waste!

Thinking up to here, shopkeeper Qin was seething with anger and Qin Hai was filled with more pain and more hate. Pointing towards the direction Hexi stood in, he bawled. “Daddy, it’s him! It was him who suddenly barged into the store. All I did was ask too many questions, so he chopped off my hand…… wu wu wu…… Daddy, you must take revenge for me. Let this son of a b****’s four limbs get completely chopped off by me, ah!”

Shopkeeper Qin turned to face Hexi, who was sitting on the great master’s chair. But when he looked at her, he got scared and jumped.

He merely saw the faint yellow candle flame reflecting upon an exquisite, snow white face that resembled porcelain. At a glance, it could be seen that this was merely a weak untouched youth. Even more so, it was a handsome youth that had refined and beautiful facial features.

But this youth’s two eyes were deep, filled with icy coldness. Merely just looking at you with those eyes would cause someone to feel as if they were in the eighteenth level of h.e.l.l or within some snow, unconsciously causing someone to shiver from head to foot.

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