The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 365 No One Has Run Away, Right?

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The last lights on the horizon faded away, today the sky lacked the moon and stars. Miluo Continent was entirely enveloped in darkness.

At this moment, both sides of every street within Yan Jing city were already lit up by lanterns. The entire street was shrouded in a dim yellow light.

On the east street, people were already extremely scarce because the weather was very gloomy and lots of shops had already started to close by evening.

And Ji Sheng Hall was no exception. Qin Hai was currently sitting cross-legged in the great master’s chair and commanding a little manservant. “Let your hands and feet close the door quickly, do you hear me? If you keep dawdling I’ll let you join your ancestors [1]. How could I, this daddy, invite such a useless person to the shop, simply is just losing face for our Ji Sheng Hall.”

The little manservant answered yes and grabbed the plank, about to close the door.

But just as the door was about to close, a portion of immense power unexpectedly came out from the plank. The little manservant stumbled back two steps as a gate pillar fell to the ground and broke, letting out a sorrowful howl.

Qin Hai got frightened by this unforeseen event and went into a daze. By the time he came back, a slender figure had come out of the darkness and appeared inside the dusky, candle-lit store.

This youth was approximately sixteen or seventeen, wearing clothes that were white and what the average martial artist would wear. Hair was held high up by a simple hairpin, exposing a bit of a beautiful and peerless appearance.

This was clearly the appearance of someone who could had such an elegant face it could cause cities to collapse, but the youth’s two phoenix eyes seemed to contain a coldness to them.

All of a sudden, Qin Hai bounced off the master chair. Pointing at the youth, he blurted out, “Young fellow [2], what are you doing? Can’t you see that we’re prepared to close the shop? No matter what matters you have, come back tomorrrow!”

His eyes looked towards the spinning young manservant on the ground, that was still holding the holding the plank. Then his eyes dropped and slipped away [3]. He held out his hands towards Hexi and said, “But, just then you wounded my family’s little manservant. Now, you have to pay one hundred yuan crystals worth of medical expenses, otherwise, don’t wonder why I’m rude.”

The look of the youth still remained frosty, but the her mouth changed into a sneer. “Ji Sheng Hall’s people are all inside, not one has run away, right?”

At first, Qin Hai was distracted, then he abruptly became angry. “Smelly young fellow, you no longer want to live anymore, right? Didn’t you hear my words? You still haven’t taken out a hundred yuan crystals worth of medical expenses? What, don’t want to give money and still wish to cause trouble, don’t look at what type of place this is!”

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Finished speaking, he used the hand holding a cattail-leaf fan and went to grab the youth.

After a quarter of an hour, the purple vine disappeared and the little manservant quickly closed his eyes and fainted on the ground.

This youth was evidently the person Ji Sheng h.e.l.l carried a vendetta against– Hexi. She made the young manservant lose consciousness and grabbed the plank, sealing the shop closed.

[1] join your ancestors – basically means let you die

[2] young fellow – this is a term of address which is used by the older generation

[3] his eyes dropped and slipped away – not literally, although that would be sort of funny if that just randomly happened… sorry I’m a bit morbid ;’) but basically it just means his eyes stopped looking at the manservant

*He keeps doing this, seems like he’s a bit slow…

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