The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 363 Who Is It?

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They were able to feel an ache in their body and their hearts beating in their chest. Seeing that they were still alive, many people couldn’t help but begin crying.

When Xi Jia saw Hexi, he felt ashamed of himself. Such a large man cried until his eyes turned red. “Miss, forgive us. It’s us that’s useless, we were unable to protect Wet Nurse Chen and Xiao Li well enough.”

Thinking about how Wet Nurse Chen was unable to be revived, sorrow flashed through Hexi’s eyes.

Her ears seemed to still hear Wet Nurse Chen’s deeply concerned and nagging voice. But she has already forever lost this warmth.

Taking a deep breath, Hexi masked the sadness on her face and softly said, “You’ve already done very well. As far as I’m concerned, as long as you’re able to live on, then you’ve already done very well.”

After Hexi said these words, the remaining large guys that were holding back tears couldn’t help but cover their faces and began to boo hoo [1] and cry.

It was Miss that gave them a completely new life, allowed them to cultivate, and allowed them to experience a much easier and cozier life when compared to normal martial artists.

Miss gave them so much, but they had never done anything for Miss. Now, they couldn’t even properly protect the tiny Bie Courtyard, Wet Nurse Chen, and Xiao Li. Wastes like them deserved to die.

But, not only did Miss not scold them, she also tried her hardest to bring them back from death’s abyss and said that all they needed to do was continue staying alive.

This great favor, this type of trust, a torn body and crushed bones [2] wouldn’t be enough to repay it. Even repaying generation after generation wouldn’t be enough.

Seeing this group of large, tough men crying like this, Hexi couldn’t help but let out a sigh. “Alright, stop crying first. Tell me, who was reckless enough to attack this place? And where is Xiao Li?”

At once, Xi Jia said, “We also don’t know who attacked this place. But they kept telling us to hand over Xi Yue, G.o.dly Doctor Xi. All along, Xiao Li guniang [3] was protecting Wet Nurse Chen. We wanted to let Wet Nurse Chen and Xiao Li leave first, but our strength was not equal to theirs……”

Xi Jia hadn’t finished speaking before Zhang San’s weak voice sounded out. “Miss, I heard that Xiao Li was taken away. They also said they wanted to leave a brief note in the central room, telling you to bring some extinct skill to bring the person back.”

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Xi Jia and everyone else’s injuries were extremely serious, against all common sense they were able to continue living on because Hexi had previously given a body strengthening pill for them to eat. So, by the time Hexi came to treat them, she was able to retain their lives.

Zheng San coughed twice again. The hesitation in his eyes changed into affirmation. “It was Ji Sheng Hall’s people. That’s right, it was Ji Sheng Hall’s people. Especially that young man. I recognized him, he’s Ji Sheng Hall’s shopkeeper Qin’s nephew!”

[1] boo hoo – It’s basically a sound, not a type of crying :’)

[2] a torn body and crushed bones – sacrificing one’s life

[3] guniang – this can be roughly translated to girl or young woman/lady. I think guniang sounds nicer so I decided to just keep it like so

[4] Yama – the King of h.e.l.l, if you’re interested in him you can read more about him here

Translator Note The mystery is finally revealed!! Happy Valentines Day by the way (:

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