The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 357 Wait For Me To Come Back

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Nangong Yu was startled, he looked around inside the storage ring. His eyes quickly showed astonishment.

The ring was filled full of magic weapons and spirit fruits that were hard to estimate the worth of. By taking just a bite out of those spirit fruits, one would completely replenish their spirit energy. Additionally, there were also sacred grade fighting pills called Lotus Mark Immortality Peach. In Miluo Continent, one of these pills could be estimated to be worth a small city. But Hexi gave him twenty of them!

So much so that inside the pile of magic weapons, there was a flying purple sword.

Nangong Yu’s expression was extremely moved, the flying sword appeared in his hand. It quickly released the sound of an imperial chant.*

“This is……!!”

Hexi pursued her lips. “This isn’t the real Sealed Dragon Sword, it’s a fake the real owner made. But it’s power is fifty percent of the original sword. I can’t use it at my current strength so it’s better to give it to you!”

This fake Sealed Dragon Sword was originally inside the Desolate Desert Realm. It was there that Hexi noticed its power was formidable, no magical creature dared to enter within ten li [1] of it. So, she took it out.

It was only after she took out the fake that she gloomily discovered she couldn’t use it. Forget about it, she can’t use the real Sealed Dragon Sword. But now, she can’t even use the fake one. She can only stare at it, too depressing!

Looks like the most important thing to do now is increase her strength.

Nangong Yu dazedly stared at the long sword in his hand. Nangong Yu’s eyes glittered with tears.

Hexi looked at Nangong Yu who seemed to have turned stupid. She thought he couldn’t look up to this Sealed Dragon Sword [2] and wanted to say something. But before she could, Nangong Yu suddenly extended his hand out and brought her into his embrace. Hugging her closely, he seemed to want to embed her into his flesh and blood.

“In my life, I’ve always been fighting alone from the beginning. When I grew up, I blocked wind and covered rain for others. You are the person I wish to protect the most in this life. But you’re also the first one that I can’t shield under my wing.”

“Xi’er, wait for me to come back! You can’t become fond of other men, you can’t look at other men, and you can’t let yourself be hurt……”

During the first half of Nangong Yu’s words, Hexi smiled and felt moved. But after hearing his last sentence, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Pushing him away, she said: “Are you finished with your ‘this can’t do’ and ‘that can’t do’?”

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This time, Nangong Yu didn’t continue speaking. He deeply stared at Hexi, seemingly trying to engrave her image into his mind. Then he quickly turned and left.

But she quickly threw this sorrow to the back of her mind. Turning around, she walked towards Gu Liufeng, Zhou Yan’an, and Gu Yidao.

Gu Liufeng was distracted, he couldn’t help but keep thinking of the intimate moment Hexi and Nangong Yu just shared. Hexi had a delicate face, long eyelashes that slightly trembled, bright eyes, and white teeth. So much so that compared to Nalan Yanming, the women in the drawing, to some degree, she (Hexi) was more elegant.

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[1] li – equal to approximately 500 m

[2] through the door – to join one’s husband household through marriage

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