The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 356 Are You Willing To Marry Me?

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After Nangong Yu held onto her for a moment, he slowly loosened his grip on her. Pinching her nose and faking anger, he said, “You still dare to talk. You left only a slip of paper with no trace of you around, how was I supposed to know if you were coerced into doing that? Do you still say that I shouldn’t have worried?”

Hexi lowly coughed twice, she was rarely embarra.s.sed. But at that time she wanted to let Feng Lian Ying and Feng Yunjing experience some unluckiness. Momentarily, she was up to her ears in work [1]. So, she only had time to hurriedly leave a slip of paper for Nangong Yu and the rest of them. At the time, she didn’t think too much of it.

Wu Yu and Gu Liu Feng weren’t as anxious as Nangong Yu, but when they saw that Hexi returned safe and sound, they were also quite happy.

But thinking about how those several people inexplicably ended up outside the Secret Territory, Wu Yu couldn’t help but ask, “It’s very strange. With Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory being so big, unless someone touched the control core, how could everyone has been sent out?”

“Don’t tell me that the Secret Territory encountered some sort of problem? Unless someone obtained the Sealed Dragon Sword?”

As everyone knows, Sealed Dragon Domain was used to hold the Sealed Dragon Sword. If someone was able to get the sword, then Secret Territory’s core control would certaintly open.

Hexi rubbed her nose and didn’t dare to say anymore.

The Little Golden Dragon had said that before she could hold the Sealed Dragon Sword, she must not let anyone know she was the owner of the Secret Territory. This included even the people closest to her.

Otherwise, if someone killed her, the Secret Territory would collapse and the Little Golden Dragon would experience a violent death.

Nangong Yu looked at the deep burning in Hexi’s eyes, he seemed to have finally guessed what was going on. But instead of saying anything, he rubbed the top of Hexi’s head, softly saying, “Xi’er, do you want to come back to h.e.l.l King Manor with me?”

Hexi gloomily shook her head, why do you want me to follow you back to h.e.l.l King Manor?

“I still have to settle some matters inside Cang Mountain. Once I finish dealing with them, I’ll return to my own courtyard.”

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Unexpectedly, Nangong Yu didn’t continue to insist. Nodding his head, something gloomy flashed in his eyes. “You returning to your own courtyard is good too. I’ll let Wu Xin follow you, to protect you.”

Hexi deliberately wanted to question what he was going to do. But seeing Nangong Yu’s eyes filled with stars and burning, Hexi swallowed any words she wanted to say.

Hexi rolled around a small storage ring on her palm. Her complexion was indifferent and the words she spoke held even less emotions. “I’m replying no to your question! After all, when you go there, only G.o.d knows if you’ll ever reappear in front of my face again!”

It wasn’t even a moment later when she threw the storage ring onto Nangong Yu’s body. Indifferently saying, “Everything inside here is for you. I believe that these things will be helpful for you, no matter what you’re doing!”

[1] up to her ears in work – she was so busy, everything basically slipped out of her mind and/or she was too busy to do anything else

[2] en – Same use as “OK”

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