The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 355 Overcoming Catastrophe to Ascend Heavenwards

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From here, one could see the faint shadow of a flying cyan sword.

The Little Golden Dragon followed Hexi’s gaze and looked at the flying cyan sword. His face couldn’t help but be filled with a longing expression. “That’s the heart of Sealed Dragon Domain. It’s also the most precious item inside the entirety of Secret Territory– – Sealed Dragon Sword.”

“That year, when my family’s master flew upwards, he used this exact spirit weapon. At that time on Miluo Continent, my master killed G.o.ds if G.o.ds blocked and killed Buddhas if Buddhas blocked [1]. Except for those old fellows who were on the same level as master, other people couldn’t even see master’s back.”

“And I am one of master’s spirit pets, how powerful is that? n.o.body is my rival!”

But afterward, when master overcame catastrophe and ascended heavenwards [2], Qing Sha and I failed and were unable to follow master. Spirit beast Qing Sha was completely extinguished. All that’s left is a broken strand of primordial spirit that’s left by the owner inside the Secret Territory.”

“But I’m better than Qing Sha, that idiot. Although I was also extinguished, the dragon race has the ability to reincarnate. We can reincarnate if we give up on our cultivation and start fresh. So, master left Sealed Dragon Domain to me and left the Sealed Dragon Sword on me, so it wouldn’t fall apart. Letting me wait for a fated person to come in and break the seal so that I may see the light again.

However, although the seal has been removed and I can cultivate again, I can’t see my master ever again in this lifetime!”

Flying beyond the boundaries? Hexi’s eyes brightened up and her lips curled up into a fighting spirit smile.

Ever since she came to this strange world, she never thought about stopping her steps.

Becoming stronger, stronger, stronger until she can’t be restricted or suppressed again. Until her two eyes can look over the whole world and her feet can walk over every inch of land.

Looking at the Little Golden Dragon’s sadness, Hexi smiled proudly. “Isn’t it just ascending upwards after overcoming catastrophe? After being defeated once, what are you afraid of? If you follow me, there will surely be a time when you can attempt to overcome catastrophe and ascend heavenwards again. When the time comes, are you scared you won’t be able to find your previous master?”

The Little Golden Dragon was stunned. It wanted to ridicule this woman overestimating her capabilities– – One needed to at least be at Meridians stage to overcome catastrophe and ascend heavenwards. This was such a distant matter, saying these words now, it was just indulging in one’s fantasies.

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But seeing Hexi’s brilliant and bright eyes, the Little Golden Dragon suddenly felt as if it was unable to refute her words.

After finis.h.i.+ng dealing with the Secret Territory’s matters and sending the Little Golden Dragon into her s.p.a.ce, Hexi went back and appeared in front of Nangong Yu.

“Xi’er– –!!” Upon seeing Hexi, Nangong Yu firmly carried her, his face was full of anxiousness. “Did you get hurt!?”

Sensing Nangong Yu’s anger and concern, Hexi was distracted. Immediately, she softly said, “Didn’t I leave you a slip of paper saying that I was fine?”

[1] killed G.o.ds if G.o.ds blocked and killed Buddhas if Buddhas blocked – to overcome every obstacle

[2] overcoming catastrophe to ascend heavenwards – after overcoming some calamity, one will become a G.o.d

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