The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 353 Completely Ruined

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Immediately, her pair of beautiful eyes filled with tears. It would appear to be as if I saw a white lotus, but the male martial artists all began to feel sorry and take pity on her.

But there were also female martial artists who disapproved of her att.i.tude, coldly standing to the side and heatedly mocking her.

“Truly shameless! Obviously, you’re wanton, yet you’re still sitting here putting out a pitiful appearance!”

“Exactly, if I was her, I would have been ashamed to even see people! Unexpectedly she puts on a pitiful face trying to get me to feel sorry for her!”

“What Ice Lotus Fairy? All I see is a white lotus flower putting on an act of flirtatious behavior!”

Feng Lian Ying just got up before realizing how awful her current situation was.

Originally she wanted to put on a weak, couldn’t-do-harmed expression in order to evoke some sympathy. But now, having heard the comments of these women, her face twisted and the shame in her eyes completely changed to bitter hatred.

In the end, who was it, who harmed Feng Family? Who caused Feng Lian Ying to make such a fool of herself?

The painstaking effort she exerted to build up her image these past few years, her blissful fated marriage… It was all ruined in these short few days, completely ruined!

No! No matter who caused her to be so humiliated today, she wanted to put it all on Xi Yue, that s.l.u.t!

She definitely won’t let go of that s.l.u.t! There will be a day when she kills that s.l.u.t and leaves her without a burial sight.

Under other people’s loathing, wanton, pa.s.sionate, or criticizing gazes, Feng Lian Ying’s body had almost no clothing to cover herself and felt as if there were brambles and thorns on her back [1].

Unfortunately, she completely wasted her spiritual power, she couldn’t even take out one piece of clothing. Her eyes were reddened with tears.

Suddenly, a warm piece of clothing was draped over her, covering her body.

Feng Lian Ying turned her head around and saw Nie Jinchen’s deeply concerned gaze. “Lian Ying meimei, are you okay? Those magical beasts from before didn’t hurt you, right?”

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Feng Lian Ying stared blankly, recalling her previous actions inside the group of magical beasts, how she pulled Nie Jinchen in front of her to act as her shield and suddenly felt as if she had a bit of a guilty conscience.

As for Feng Lian Ying, that stupid woman who lost face today… Feng Yunjing already concocted a plan to completely abandon this waste!

Watching as Feng Lian Ying and Feng Yunjing prepared to leave, the people who were previously too scared to speak out in front of Feng Family’s great prestige suddenly shouted out.

The scene regarding Feng Family’s eldest daughter, the Ice Lotus Fairy, was quickly spread through word of mouth. Everybody repeated over and over again how Feng Lian Ying’s body was on display after everyone left the Secret Territory.

By the next day, the news was popular gossip alongside news of Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory. In Yan Jing City, inside all the great streets and alleys [2], everybody knew this information.

[1] brambles and thorns on her back – she felt uneasy and nervous

[2] great streets and alleys – everywhere in the city

*Translator I swear this girl has no shame… I can’t even begin to count the number of times I shook my head and sighed as I translated these previous few paragraphs…

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