The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 352 Jade Body On Display

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“Don’t tell me that something suddenly happened inside Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, so it pushed us outside?!”

Everybody’s tongues were wagging, their faces were filled with shock. But n.o.body was able to figure out what had happened.

Suddenly, someone’s deep voice sounded out. “I feel as if this situation seems to feel as if somebody has gained control over the Secret Dragon Domain.”


“How could this be!? Legends say this Secret Territory is the almighty martial artist’s, how could it be controlled by someone else?!”

Feng Yunjing’s face didn’t appear nervous, he slowly took out a spirit pill and swallowed the Replenishing Spirit Pill.

But, something gloomy and dark flashed by his eyes.

Just now, he almost obtained the spiritual spring tree. But now, he failed through lack of a final effort and even lost dozens of Liu Li Sect’s elite disciples.

This time, the loss Feng Family suffered could be said to be disastrous. Zijin Palace’s inheritance wasn’t obtained, in Hundred Herb Mist Feng Lian Ying lost popular feeling, and most importantly, they narrowly missed getting the spiritual spring tree. This time, he truly didn’t know what to say when he returned!

It was just, how could he always feel as if all these acts were deliberately planned against Feng Family?

Just like the situation now, where they were thrown out of the secret territory. The martial artists before them also lost the weapons they had been carrying in their hands. And their dozen or so people were thrown into the middle of a crowd of magical beasts. They experienced nine deaths and were still alive [1], almost not making it out alive.

Could it be that someone truly got control over the secret territory?

If that’s the case, who was able to obtain control over the Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory? Could it be Nangong Yu?

No! Impossible!

Feng Yunjing’s thoughts swept past this idea, immediately denying it.

What type of place was Sealed Dragon Territory, these martial artists in front of him only knew one and understood half [2]. But he, who was the person who held great political power inside Feng Family, was clear.

This sacred place had existed for a millennium. Every big influential family on Miluo Continent had been preparing for Secret Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory to open for several hundred years.

In the event that someone was able to get control over Sealed Dragon Domain’s Secret Territory, then how powerful was that person!?

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If this type of person truly decided to oppose Feng Family, then how could they (Feng Family) possibly resist?

Someone couldn’t help themselves and whispered, “Aiyah [3]! This couldn’t be the Ice Lotus Fairy, right? I didn’t expect her to be so pa.s.sionate and bold, not even wearing clothes in front of all these martial artists!”

Clicking their tongue, “Look at this soft and tender flesh, pampered girls raised by influential families really aren’t the same!”

“If I can get on intimate terms with this person, I would willingly die!”

How could Feng Lian Ying ever imagine that after struggling to escape from that beast, going back would also welcome such humiliation?

For a moment, her beautiful face was snow white and her two hands were clenched together, hugging her shivering body. She wanted to take out a new set of clothes from her storage ring but was unable to because her spiritual power was all used up, she wouldn’t be able to take anything out for awhile.

[1] nine deaths and were still alive – they were only narrowly able to escape

[2] knew one and understood half – Feng Yunjing is saying these people are ignorant

[3] Aiyah – a term used to express dismay, exasperation or surprise

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