The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 351 Leaving the Secret Territory

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Momentarily, the flesh flew in all directions. The bones rumbled and rolled around on the floor.

In the hot and overgrown desert, the air reeked of blood for a short period of time. This caused the people to feel sick and heightened the magical beasts’ excitement.

As time went by, Feng Yunjing’s complexion became more and more unsightly. The spiritual power inside his body was beginning to run out.

And the people around him, the disciples of Liu Li Sect, were slowly dwindling.

Some of them were devoured by the magical beasts and others were taken by Feng Lian Ying and Nie Jinchen to act as a shield.

Even Feng Lian Ying and Nie Jinchen, who took so many of the disciples to use as scapegoats, were also becoming battered and exhausted.

Above all were Feng Lian Ying’s clothes, which were originally used to showcase her elegant figure. Although they did have some defensive attributes, how could they possibly be enough to endure against the magical beasts? By now her clothes had already been torn into shreds by the magical beasts, showing faint traces of her underwear.

Most of the disciples of Liu Li Sect had already been injured or dead, leaving almost none left. Feng Yunjing was stuck in combat with the Rank 6 magical beast as the three Rank 4 magical beasts pounced towards Feng Lian Ying. These several people’s spiritual power was almost used up.

Feng Lian Ying couldn’t hold it anymore, she fell apart and shouted. “No– –! No– –! I don’t want to die! Save me ah– –! Nie Jinchen, don’t you like me? Quick, save me!”*

Saying this, she grabbed Nie Jinchen and pulled him in front of her. “Quick, block the attack for me!”

Nie Jinchen’s eyes flashed with extreme fear and shock, as he began to randomly swinging the long sword in his hand around.

However, one magical beast still managed to bite down on his left hand. The only noise he heard was ‘ka ka’ as piecing bursts of pain stabbed him. Nie Jinchen could feel the bones on his left hand breaking apart.

Meanwhile, another magical beast’s b.l.o.o.d.y mouth came near his face.

The fear of life or death scared Nie Jinchen into freezing up. He wanted to call for help, he wanted to escape. But his whole body seemed to be rigid.

Aside from desperately waiting for his death, he could do nothing else.

He thought about how he granted whatever was asked for from Feng Lian Ying over these past ten years, how meek and subservient he was. Then he thought about how ruthlessly she just treated him.

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At this moment, any love Nie Jinchen held for Feng Lian Ying completely vanished.

Feng Yunjing was both shocked and angry when he suddenly heard a shout.

“Ah– –! The Rank 5 spirit crystal I just won, I was clearly holding it in my hand. Why is it missing now?”

“I was clearly in Burning Heaven Realm just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye I’m here now?”

The box full of spiritual fruits I harvested, it’s value was millions of crystal stones worth of treasures. With great difficulty I was able to defeat the guardian beast in order to pick these fruits. How are there none left now?”

“In the end, who’s done this? Why have we all been sent out?”

*Translator note Just… I don’t even have words for her anymore.

[1] a thousand pounds were hung by a thread – this was a matter of life or death

Translator note (2) I wish you guys a happy Chinese New Year!

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