The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 347 Completely Healed

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Immediately after, a dazzling white light beam descended from the sky. Along with the beam came an immense force of spiritual power pushing down on the medicinal field.

When the beam of light made contact, it quickly spread. In the blink of an eye, it covered every inch of the ground in the medicinal field.

To add onto that, all the warriors standing in the middle of the light beam seemed to be isolated from everyone else. They seemed to have become invisible, n.o.body could see or hear them anymore.

Everyone couldn’t help but panic. Most of all, this group of people who just experienced the impact of Intoxicated Blood Poison. At this moment, their hearts were filled with fear of the unknown.

Nangong Yu’s response quickly covered Hexi and Qing Long with his void spiritual barrier. Wu Yu waited for everyone else to be enveloped.

However, just as he was about to pull Hexi into his embrace, a green beam quickly shot towards Hexi.

For a moment, Hexi didn’t even process what had happened. She only felt a boom in her head and following that, everything in front of her eyes changed.

After returning back to her soul [1], Hexi found herself in both an unfamiliar yet familiar place.

She said it was familiar because this was the place she had met the Little Golden Dragon and lifted it’s seal.

She said it was unfamiliar because this originally dusky and narrow s.p.a.ce had undergone some large changes.

The whole s.p.a.ce had become gold and jade in glorious splendor [2]. There were countless night pearls hanging from the ceiling, giving off a soft yet bright light.

Originally, there were fuzzy mirrors all around, but now, they all seemed clear.

The mirror showed the scene inside the secret territory, including Nangong Yu and everyone else’s images.

However, currently, the images in the mirror were all frozen, as if time had completely stopped in the secret territory.

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There was suspicion in Hexi’s heart. She secretly thought, could it be that because the Little Golden Dragon ate the Divine Dragon Fruit and woke up, bringing her back to his original nest?

Hexi suddenly got rid of her teasing tone, “No matter what, thank you for protecting Dan Dan at Zijin Palace, and thank you for protecting me too.”

The Little Golden Dragon’s scolding stopped and coldly snorted. “This still isn’t good enough!”

Hexi didn’t mind his arrogant character and changed the subject. “As long as you’re good, then it’s good. Why did you suddenly bring me back to this room?”

“What of this matter of me bringing you back?” Having heard what was said, the Little Golden Dragon raised it’s voice, “It’s clearly you who triggered the secret territory’s restriction, starting the transfer of the secret territory’s controlling right.”

[1] After returning back to her soul – In this case, Hexi didn’t actually leave her soul, she just returned from la-la land.

[2] gold and jade in glorious splendor – a dazzling sight

[3] benzang – literally translates as ‘this senior’

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