The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 343 Real Identity

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Hexi had seen the method to taking the Divine Dragon Fruit in the All Living Things Record. Very quickly, she used a pure fire spiritual power to extract juice from the Divine Dragon Fruit. It dripped into the Little Golden Dragon’s mouth.

Afterward, Little Golden Dragon’s body emitted light golden color. It’s originally dim scales got a gloss to them.

The Little Golden Dragon struggled to open it’s eyes and saw the familiar figure. The figure emitted the sweet fragrance of gra.s.s and wood. Although the smell was weak, it let the Little Golden Dragon feel as if this figure was trustworthy and dependable.

It was truly strange, this was the formidable Golden Dragon, but he wanted to depend on a weak mortal girl.

The Little Golden Dragon’s whole heart was heavy and quickly closed it’s eyes again. It’s tail subconsciously curled around Hexi’s wrist, brushing against her palm.

Hexi let out a sigh of relief, glancing over the Little Golden Dragon again to ensure that it’s injury was healed. Following that, she looked towards the her hand, which was holding the Divine Dragon Fruit that had already lost all it’s spiritual power and juice.

All that was left was a layer of skin and the pit. But if she planted the pit in her s.p.a.ce, would it sprout and grow more fruit?

Hexi decided to indulge in her fantasies and took the Divine Dragon Fruit’s pit to plant in the Ancient Rhyme Spirit Field. She gave the Little Golden Dragon more drops of spiritual spring water. Then, she left her s.p.a.ce.

When Hexi opened her eyes, she felt a male near her.

Hexi’s whole face turned red when she discovered that her whole body was nestled in Nangong Yu’s embrace and her head was resting on his stomach.

She…… she clearly only borrowed his shoulder to lean on!

Hexi stood up straight and pushed herself out of Nangong Yu’s hug. She heard his voice laced with regret saying, “Xi’er, why don’t you sleep a little longer? This King’s shoulder is always open for you to lean on.”

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Hexi grinded her teeth, preparing to slap Nangong Yu. But suddenly, a body began to rot, emitting a foul smell. A man from the crowd came out, running towards Hexi and throwing himself at her.

Hearing these words, Nangong Yu’s eyebrows jumped up. Without speaking, he and Hexi both looked towards each other.

Hexi’s expression was somewhat grave, nowadays, her appearance was completely different from Nalan Hexi’s. Although this was someone from Nalan Family, they still shouldn’t be able to recognize her.

But Nalan Yanming said he recognized her?

Nalan Yanming didn’t see the change in Hexi and Nangong Yu’s complexions, but he still sucked in a breath, “I already exchanged my talisman for the antidote, but it still wasn’t enough to completely get rid of the poison in my body.”

“The antidote wasn’t able to completely detoxify the poison?” Hexi’s eyebrows raised, “What were you doing previously?”

Nalan Yanming’s eyes flashed. However, his life was on the line so he didn’t dare to conceal anything and began to immediately explain the situation.

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