The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 341 White Hairs Of Old Age

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The middle aged man’s eyes had a glimpse of gloominess, slowly saying, “Just based on the fact that Genius Doctor Xi is able to cause Feng Lian Ying, a Level 5 doctor, to lose face in front of everyone. As well as the fact that His Highness h.e.l.l King stands behind Genius Doctor Xi. I’m willing to gamble, so I’m going to gamble my desire for revenge on Genius Doctor Xi.”

The corner of Hexi’s mouse curved a bit, weighing the jade box in her hand. Nodding her head, “Good, considering this Divine Dragon Fruit, I promise you!”

The middle-aged man’s face finally showed a slight smile. He took out a silver talisman from his arms and handed it over to Hexi, respectfully saying, “This is my personally prescribed Thousand Mile talisman. Even though it can only be used once, as long as you burn this talisman then no matter what corner Genius Doctor Xi is at in the Miluo Continent, I will be able to receive the message at any end of the Earth.”

Hexi took the silver talisman, slightly swaying. She watched the middle-aged man stumbling back to his wife’s side, mournfully crying as he carried her cold corpse.

Suddenly, a pair of hands covered her eyes, blocking her line of sight.

Nangong Yu’s low and gentle voiced sounded out, “Don’t look anymore, Xi’er and this King, we will definitely live together until we have white hairs of old age. There won’t be a day where we’re separated by life and death.”

Hexi took his show and turned around to glare at him, “Who will live together and have white hairs of old age with you? Don’t you have your Feng Yian Ling meimei [1]?”

Nangong Yu reached his hand out to pinch her nose, the expression on his face expressed both helplessness and pampering, “Xi’er, if you say this again, I’ll take it as if you’re jealous of me!”

Hexi slapped his hand. Her gaze landed on the jade box, she must immediately go back into her s.p.a.ce to help Little Golden Dragon absorb the spiritual power from the Divine Dragon Fruit.

But to be able to enter her s.p.a.ce, she had to be asleep.

Hexi grabbed at Nangong Yu’s sleeves and softly said, “Lean your shoulder down.”

Not waiting for him to respond, she leaned her head against his shoulder, closed her eyes and entered her s.p.a.ce.

At first, Nangong Yu stared blankly. But soon after, his mouth curved up into a gentle and sweet expression. He reached his hands out to bring the sleeping girl into his embrace.

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This girl must’ve been so busy these past few days, she must be so tired.

Having gotten their location, the pair immediately ate a green spiritual plant, completely devouring it. However, her s.p.a.ce didn’t have any high-level spiritual plants in it.

But the strange thing was that when she was just recently outside, she didn’t find any changes in the medicinal field.

Through the help of the Purple Abyss Vine, Hexi was able to establish a connection to her own small spoiled chow-hound. “Dan Dan, didn’t you say there were terrifying things inside this medicinal field, causing you to be very afraid?”

Dan Dan was just eating to his heart’s content and when he heard Hexi’s question, he couldn’t answer truthfully. After awhile, he was finally full and started giggling~~

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[1] meimei – Younger sister, in this situation Feng Yian Ling is not his blood-related sister

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