The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 336 Vile Thoughts

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Wu Yu accepted the Inner Pill and checked it over. Suddenly beaming with joy, he handed over a bottle of Hexi’s boiled medicinal juice. “Remember to clear your body of spiritual power before taking it.”

No longer daring to tarry, the youth emptied his body of all spiritual power. Soon after, he quickly drank the antidote.

Right after he drank the antidote, severe pain began to spread. The pain caused him to repeatedly howl, rolling around on the floor.

But, before half an hour even pa.s.sed, the pain began to gradually reside and the pus on his body also completely disappeared. Even the wound began to rapidly heal.

He felt his spiritual power return to his dantian [1] and the burning pain in his internal organs faded away. The youth couldn’t help but laugh. Facing Hexi, he dropped to his knees with his hands clasped, his face still held some of his previous unwillingness, “Thank you Genius Doctor for saving my life!

Compared to one’s own life, any medicinal pill isn’t important when you don’t have a life to live anymore!

At this moment, the people who entered the medicinal field to collect herbal medicine in order to imitate Hexi’s refining method to make the boiled medicinal juice, shockingly discovered that the moment their spiritual energy touched the originally green herbal medicine, it would immediately turn into ashes. It was much harder to accomplish than Hexi’s effortless demonstration suggested.

Now, everybody had no other way out, additionally, people were already able to obtain the antidote after exchanging their treasure. Who dared to still hesitate? One after another, they took out their treasures to exchange with Hexi.

From far away, Feng Lian Ying clenched her fists. She watched Hexi’s stars gathering around the moon appearance [2] and bit down on her teeth until they made ‘ge ge‘ sounds.

Suddenly, she heard the sound of clunking and her well taken care of little finger’s fingernail broke in half as she felt a burst of pain.

“Why? Why? Why have I been beaten by such a low-lying waste?”

“How many years of have I spent cultivating? My teacher is the master of Thousand Poison Valley! My hard earned reputation suddenly brought upon this result!”

“I don’t accept this! I’m not reconciled– –! Heaven is unfair, I must make that s.l.u.t pay the price!”

Feng Lian Ying’s voice was coa.r.s.e, completely opposite to her usual sweet and dainty sound and her whole face was even more terrifying.

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Nie Jinchen worriedly supported her, softly saying, “Lian Ying mei mei [3], don’t be angry, it’s bad for your body to be angry over trash.”

Feng Yunjing saw the whole moment between Feng Lian Ying and Nie Jinchen and coldly laughed.

Silly woman, simply wasted Feng family’s cultivation from these past few years.

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[1] Dantian – The dantian is where one’s qi resides, it’s located 2 points below the navel.

[2] … stars gathering around the moon appearance – Everyone embraces or surrounds one thing

[3] mei mei – younger sister

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