The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 334 Thank You

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Murong Zhangfeng’s guilty conscience was soon taken over by his heartlessness and selfishness. “You unworthy offspring. Your mother was nothing more than a concubine and you are nothing more but a b.a.s.t.a.r.d. We raised you and only occasionally hit you. Is disciplining unscrupulous children unnatural?”

“If you know what’s good for you then give me the antidote. If not, when I go back, I will remove you from the Murong family records. From then, your only option is to die and become a lonely ghost!”

Gu Liufeng burst out laughing, then he coldly stared at Murong Zhangfeng. “What I regret most about my birth was that I was born in the Murong family. If you can remove me from the Murong family, then I will have to thank you! Unfortunately, to return to Murong family, you must live past today and this matter is easier said than done!”

“I won’t kill you, I just don’t wish for you to die an easy death. I want you to experience a slow and painful death filled with despair–– compared to death by a knife, this will be far more interesting!”

Murong Zhangfeng trembled when he looked met Gu Liufeng’s gaze. At this moment, he no longer wished for Gu Luifeng to save him, his only option is to look towards Hexi. Repeatedly kowtowing, he said, “Genius Doctor Xi, please pay no mind to that unscrupulous brute’s nonsense. As long as you save my life, Murong family will give you three finished properties!”

Hexi faintly smiled and suddenly pulled a bottle of the antidote out of her sleeves. Murong Zhangfeng’s face was wild with joy as he stared at the bottle. He believed that Hexi had finally been persuaded by him.

However, Hexi turned around and threw the antidote to Gu Liufeng. Lightly laughing, she said, “The bottle contains herbal medicine and Intoxicated Blood, when they are mixed together, the reaction is very interesting. If you wish to see him suffer more, then sprinkle some on him!”

“You– – You guys– – !!” Murong Zhangfeng didn’t expect to die, his whole heart was once full of expectation, but this has become the result.

Taking the medicine bottle, Gu Liufeng’s face, which looked fierce due to the scar, held a somewhat heartfelt smiling expression.

He slowly stepped forward and before Murong Zhangfeng could slander him again, he had already sprinkled the medicine on him and the unconscious Murong Hai’s bodies

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The only sound was “Ah– – – –” The cry broke through the heavens and everyone present at the scene’s eardrums rung.

When he turned around and faced a young youth with matchless beauty and clear, black eyes, Gu Liufeng suddenly felt as if the stone, which had been weighing in his heart for many years, had been moved just a tiny bit.

He walked forward a few steps, gazing deeply at Hexi, saying, “Hexi, thank you. I……”

Hexi raised her hand up, interrupting him, “Wasn’t it you that said friends do not have to thank each other?”

Gu Liufeng stared blankly, his long eyelashes faintly trembling. The bright red scar on his face caused his expression to look more fierce, but his mouth held a shallow, gentle smile.

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