The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 331 – Genuine Antidote

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Feng Lian Ying’s mouth gaped open, her heart filling with resentment. Just as she was going to say something more, Feng Yunjing’s next words made her tremble and she no longer dared to act recklessly.

“If you dare tarnish the reputation of the Feng family again, I’ll send you to the ancestral temple of the Feng family, and you can never think of coming out!”

Going to the Feng family’s ancestral temple meant that her name would be removed from the Feng family records. From then on, her life would be over, and she could no longer appear on Mi Luo Continent. That, for Feng Lian Ying, who was filled with pride and a thirst for power, was simply a fate worse than death.


On the other hand, when Hexi heard the inquiries from Qing Long and the others, the hint of a smile flashed in her eyes.

She didn’t answer but instead took out a spiritual supplement pill. Next, she walked over to the spreading pool of squirming blood and dropped the pill on it.

Everyone was puzzled and couldn’t help but gather closer.

Soon, something shocking to everyone occurred.

The blood that was originally only the size of two palms suddenly made a ‘pfff’ noise after the spiritual supplement pill was thrown into it.

Then, the area of blood grew bigger and bigger, while the speed it was squirming at rapidly increased. The way that the blood struggled and pulsed was like a blood demon coming to life.

While that spiritual supplement pill, at this time, had been entirely swallowed up.

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Everyone’s mouths opened wide, astonishment showing clearly on their faces. Gu Liufeng murmured, “This poison can become stronger by swallowing spiritual power? So that’s the reason you eliminated the spiritual power within the spiritual herb and in my Uncle first?”

For a long time now, spiritual power was a nemesis to all poisons. In general, as long as the spiritual power was strong enough, it could easily resist the erosion of all types of poison. However, for Blood Intoxicated Poison it was the opposite; spiritual power was instead its most vital nourishment. It’s no wonder that Feng Lian Ying took it for granted that the Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill would be able to help!

“As for why some of the herbs in the medicinal field can be consumed, and some of them are poisonous?” Hexi smiled leisurely before she indifferently said, “I can only tell you that I’m able to tell distinguish them one by one; which herbs in this field are poisoned, and which ones are normal. But as for the method to differentiate them, forgive me, but I can’t tell you that.”

The fact is that she didn’t really know how to explain because it was a kind of intuition she’d gained after dealing with poisons for many years. She only needs to smell them and see them, and she could tell right away whether or not the things in front of her were poisonous.

Although Hexi’s explanation was anything but detailed, it was still much clearer than Feng Lian Ying’s.

Those people who were still worried about Gu Yidao suffering from residual effects now no longer had any doubts.

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