The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 330 – Why?

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The rims of Gu Liufeng’s eyes slightly reddened and glinted as he looked at Hexi, his voice hoa.r.s.e, “Xi Yue, I don’t know how to thank you. Anyway, if you need something in the future, I, Gu Liufeng, won’t hesitate to brave any danger for you, without a word of complaint.”

“Rubbish! Didn’t you help me before?” While speaking, Hexi threw a bottle of medicine to him and indifferently said, “Applying this to his wounds can help speed up the healing. However, these wounds are a bit unusual, so they might not disappear within a month.”

The meaning of her words meant that she didn’t accept Gu Liufeng’s promise to give her his life for saving Gu Yidao’s life. At most, what she’d done was only repay the favour she owed Gu Liufeng.

Moreover, the words ‘we’re friends, aren’t we?’ that Gu Liufeng had previously said remained in her mind.

Friends…hmm, she didn’t quite understand the meaning of this word though.

A smile reached Gu Liufeng’s eyes, and he finally recovered his usual languid and graceful expression. He took the medicine bottle and smiled lightly. “Unexpectedly, saving your life has turned into one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life!”

The atmosphere around Hexi and Gu Liufeng was very harmonious. However, Nangong Yu watching from the side had a dark and gloomy expression on his face.

He recalled that in Zijin Palace Hexi had faced him with a cold scowl as if she would off all relations with him. This made his heart pound with fear, so for a moment, he didn’t dare do anything too rash.

Nonetheless, Qing Long noticed his Master’s gloomy expression. So, quietly coughing, he stepped forward and said, “Young Master Xi, your medical skills are indeed amazing, but we still have many things that we don’t understand. Even though the ingredients for your medicine and Feng Lian Ying’s were the same, how come Gu Yidao survived, while Shangguan Rui became a pool of blood?”

“Yeah, you’re right!” Wu Yu also moved closer, his face filled with a smug excitement as he said, “Moreover if the spiritual plants in the medicinal field were eaten, wouldn’t they be poisonous? How come Gu Yidao was able to eat them but still be okay?”

At this time, everyone’s gaze and attention were focused on this lively group of people.

Gu Yidao seemed healthy, his wounds were beginning to heal, and there was no trace of a poisonous backlash. They were so shocked that their eyes were almost popping out of their sockets.

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This Foundation Establishment stage boy had actually managed to cure this strange poison!

Hysterical yelling like a maniac echoed around Thousand Herb Mist, and everyone looked at the woman’s sinister expression, feeling nothing but disgust and hatred.

This so-called Ice Lotus Fairy was merely an idiot with an undeserved reputation. She had no excellent medical skills.

What was even more embarra.s.sing is that she’d obviously failed, yet she still wanted to try her medicine on innocent martial artists, regardless of people lives. She was really too shameful and malicious!!

The moment when Feng Lian Ying was about to find someone else to try her medicine, a palm ruthlessly landed on her face, causing her to stagger to the ground.

When Feng Lian Ying looked up, she saw Feng Yunjing’s cold, murderous look. “Until when do you want to keep losing face?”

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