The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 321 – Are You Gu Yidao?

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Chapter 321 – Are You Gu Yidao?

Feng Lian Ying’s face was full of arrogance and pride as her delicate hands slowly fished out a bottle of medicine. Then, she poured out a Five Elements Blood Coagulation Pill and gave it to Shangguan Rui.

In less time than it takes to burn a stick of incense, Shangguan Rui, who’d initially been on the verge of dying, had started to regain his vitality. His body that had been festering, with pus continuously flowing down it like a stream, slowly stopped rotting. Even the puss-filled wounds started closing.

Shangguan Rui’s face was filled with joy; he had miraculously managed to return from death’s door. Kneeling in front of Feng Lian Ying, he said with a trembling voice, “I…I feel my spiritual power gradually coming back, and the burning-like pain in my internal organs is also slowly disappearing. Ice Lotus Fairy, your medical skills are really unparalleled! I, Shangguan Rui, will never forget your kindness.”

As he uttered those words, an enthusiastic cheer burst forth from the crowd.

One by one, they all yelled “Ice Lotus Fairy”, and they gazed at her were like they were looking at a G.o.ddess delivering salvation. They were all filled with admiration and gratefulness.

When Hexi saw this scene before her, she couldn’t help but laugh lightly at Nangong Yu’s side. “Look at how your Little Sister Lian Ying is worshipped. It seems like she still has an infatuation with you too. All this time, she hasn’t once forgotten to cast flirtatious glances towards you, yet you aren’t moved at all!”

“Such a heartless little girl!” Nangong Yu reached out his hand and pinched her elegant little nose, unhappily saying, “Who’s my Little Sister Lian Ying? In this world, there’s only a Nalan Hexi who’s mine, understand? In the future, if you say something incorrectly again, then don’t blame this King for punishing you!”

Hexi’s face was bright red as she swat his misbehaving hand away, and she wanted to pay him back. Suddenly, she heard an exclamation from a h.e.l.l King Manor bodyguard.

“Master, Young Master Xi! Look at that; it looks like someone is approaching!”

From the direction of the hill, there were two silhouettes unexpectedly staggering towards them.

The faces’ of these two men were also covered in blood blisters; it was a horrible sight to behold. One of them hadn’t even made it out of the medicinal field before he fell to the ground and howled with grief; never to get up again.

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The other man ran out of the medicinal field while swaying from side to side, incessantly shouting, “Help!”

Hexi suddenly frowned. “Are you Gu Yidao?”

“How…how do you know my name?!”

Hexi didn’t say anything more. Instead, squatting down, she took out a bottle of medicine and waved it under Gu Liufeng’s nose.

Gu Liufeng’s brows creased tightly, and he quickly awoke. However, he had barely returned to consciousness, and before he could adjust his energy and restore his physical strength, he immediately shouted, “Let me go; let me go save him! I don’t believe that he’s dead-!!”

Wu Yu patted Gu Liufeng’s shoulder to appease him, and said, “First, calm down. Do you see who this person is?”

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