The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 319 – Too Shameless

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Chapter 319 – Too Shameless

Being ridiculed by these people didn’t make Wu Yu angry at all, and he instead chuckled, “As expected, my good intentions were ignored! Didn’t any of you discover that it’s only you guys who touched those sick people? If saving them was really that worthwhile, then why didn’t even one person from the Liu Li sect move to help? I hope you don’t regret your actions later!”

Feng Lian Ying was filled with hatred when she heard that, but she didn’t look at Wu Yu, instead choosing to look at Hexi standing nearby.

“Young Master Xi, it seems like you’re slyly trying to create discord in the relationship between everyone and the Liu Li sect. What are your intentions; you don’t want everyone to be saved? Or do you want to wait until everyone is dead so you can gain an advantage?”

“Although I knew you were vicious, I didn’t expect you to be so vicious in such a situation!”

When Feng Lian Ying spat out these words, everyone’s angry eyes turned to glare at Hexi.

Hexi just leisurely smiled; she had absolutely no intention to respond.

Wu Yu, however, sneeringly said, “Obviously it was me who spoke, but why did Ice Lotus Fairy accuse someone else? Rather than glare at me, why don’t you take a look at what’s happened to the people behind you?”

As Wu Yu finished speaking, they all heard a few bangs from behind them.

Several people had fainted to the ground! Their faces were flushed, and their bodies were burning hot. Some people even had red rashes on their faces.

“How…how is this possible?!!” The martial artists exclaimed in alarm. “These people obviously hadn’t entered the medicinal field!”

“I-it’s the pus! The pus on them is contagious!”

“Everybody run, quickly–!!”

For a moment, everyone’s faces were covered in fear and shock before they all ran away from those who were already sick.

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The previously ordered scene had once again become chaotic, and there was no one taking care of those who were sick.

After Feng Lian Ying spoke, everyone suddenly looked at Hexi with gazes full of contempt and resentment.

Especially those people whose friends and relatives had fallen unconscious. They didn’t even know if they themselves were infected or not, so they felt even more hatred towards Hexi. They had all drawn out their Long Swords as they itched to rush forwards and kill her.

Wu Yu was simply amazed at Feng Lian Ying’s ability to deliberately distort the truth.

Previously, he was unaware of why Gu Liufeng and his Princess hated Feng Lian Ying so much. After all, he’d only met Feng Lian Ying a few times, yet, he also knew that she liked his own Master.

But now, he’d seen the reason!

She was a treacherous and vicious woman! She was simply too shameless!

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