The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 317 – Recognised Medical Genius

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Chapter 317 – Recognised Medical Genius

As soon as these words were said, the eyes of those who were kneeling on the ground and begging Feng Lian Ying revealed their hope.

Feng Lian Ying’s face was still pale, and her heart was full of disgust as she looked at these people. However, Wu Yu’s words filled her with a high sense of vanity.

That’s right; she was a rare medical genius that appears once every few centuries in Mi Luo Continent. Whether it was in alchemy or healing, she was much better than the unskilled trash who relied on treacherous methods to profit once or twice.

Although these martial artists were disgusting, most of them had extraordinary backgrounds. If she could cure these people in full view of everyone, her prestige in Mi Luo Continent and her position in her family would be significantly enhanced.

And in the end, Brother Yu would clearly know who was truly outstanding and deserving of matching him!

Feng Lian Ying’s gaze couldn’t help but look at Nangong Yu, yet he didn’t see her at all. Instead, he bent his head and spoke with Hexi, acting as if there was n.o.body else present.

Feng Lian Ying was so angry that her face was distorted, while both of her hands were clenched tightly into fists.

Humph! She’ll let Brother Yu see that she was the best person and that only she was worthy of the position of Princess of h.e.l.l King Manor!

With these thoughts, Feng Lian Ying stepped forward and was about to boast about her medical skills.

However, she abruptly heard Feng Yunjing’s cold voice say, “Are you sure that you can cure these people? If you’re not, then don’t show off and lose face for our Feng family.”

The arrogant look on Feng Lian Ying’s face suddenly transformed into anger. Although her voice was deliberately lower, it was still a bit sharp as she said, “Big Brother, you believe that s.l.u.t, but you don’t believe me? Don’t forget; I’m a fifth rank doctor that’s recognised as a medical genius under the heavens.”

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“Not to mention, Big Brother, you seem to have forgotten what kind of person my Master is – Thousand Venom Valley’s Master. What kind of poisons haven’t I seen before?”

When Feng Lian Ying saw the man’s face covered in blood blisters and pus, her eyes filled with disgust. In contrast, the look on her face was very kind, gentle, and filled with compa.s.sion. “Your Highness Third Prince, please rest a.s.sured; I will definitely save you all.”

As soon as she stated this, the surrounding martial artists immediately burst into an enthusiastic cheer.

Whether it was the people infected, or those just watching, they all kowtowed in grat.i.tude and praised Feng Lian Ying as a living Buddha.

A haughty and pleased smile hung on Feng Lian Ying’s face as her beautiful eyes swept over everyone. “Lian Ying is also a part of the cultivation world, so I naturally can’t see anyone die without trying to save them. This is my Feng family’s constant purpose; you don’t have to thank me.”

After that, she pointed to the martial artist who was still unconscious in the medicinal field. “I’ll have to trouble everyone to bring those who are not yet awake and those unable to move in the medicinal field, and place them together in one area.”

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