The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 315 – Distraught Gu Liufeng

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Chapter 315 – Distraught Gu Liufeng

Recalling the experiences of the past half an hour, Murong Zhangfeng’s eyes were full of fear and despair. He didn’t dare look at his own hands and feet, and he avoided even thinking about what his face looked like.

He could only place all his hopes on Ice Lotus Fairy. Everyone knew that Ice Lotus Fairy was an intermediate member of the Doctors a.s.sociation, and that she was also one of the best fifth rank doctor’s found on Mi Luo Continent.

“We of the Murong family entered the medicinal field with twenty-nine people, but now, there are only two of us who are still alive. The others are all dead…they’re all dead…”

“We don’t want to die! Young Master Feng, please let Ice Lotus Fairy save us! Your Feng family’s great kindness, our Murong family will certainly repay back a hundredfold in the future…”

Of the twenty-nine people, only two had survived!

Fear was visible on everyone’s face. Did that mean that all those unconscious martial artists in the medicinal field will die too?!

Hexi and the others had initially been observing the development of things quietly, but then the Murong family had said that.

Gu Liufeng’s body suddenly started trembling before he then stormed forward without warning, and fiercely glared at Murong Zhangfeng. “You just said that everyone else is dead? Then what about Gu Yidao?? Didn’t he come in with you?!”

Murong Zhangfeng looked at him, and his eyes flashed, his expression quickly morphing into one of loss as he wailed, “Dead, he’s dead!”

Gu Liufeng’s lips slightly parted as his eyes filled with shock and horror.

He stood blankly, his lifeless expression changing into one of hatred as he looked down at Murong Zhangfeng. A raging flame burned in his eyes as if he was ready to mutilate him.

Abruptly, he turned around and rushed towards the medicinal field.

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Fortunately, Wu Yu’s hands moved faster, and he rushed over and grabbed him. “Are you crazy?! Don’t you see what they look like once they enter the field? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll become like them too? Don’t you want to live anymore?!”

A corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth twitched, reluctance written all over his face. “Xi’er, you’re so concerned about that kid, yet I haven’t seen you be that good to me.”

Seeing Hexi glaring at him, he could only ignore his jealousy. Leaning close to Hexi’s ear, he softly whispered, “I can listen to your words and help him. However, you have to reward me later, Xi’er!”

Without waiting for Hexi to respond, his figure had already disappeared.

While Gu Liufeng, who had just reached the edge of the medicinal field, suddenly felt pressure like mount tai pressing down on him.

Just as he was about to fight against it, Nangong Yu suddenly reached out and poured the medicine from the bottle into Gu Liufeng’s slightly parted mouth. Spiritual energy began to swiftly fill the air, and the medicine instantly spread throughout his body.

Gu Liufeng felt his eyes blurring before he then lost consciousness.

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