The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 313 – Intuition

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Chapter 313 – Intuition

Gu Liufeng moved closer to Hexi, and smiled lazily as he said, “Little Yue’er, you’d long ago seen the problem with these spiritual herbs?”

Hexi’s expression was indifferent as she slowly nodded.

However, all the bodyguards from h.e.l.l King Manor suddenly returned to their senses, and despite the fear they were all feeling, they were looking at Hexi with expressions full of gratefulness.

Just now, if it weren’t for their Princess stopping them, they could very well have ended up with a horrific appearance too!

It was no wonder that Master doted so much on Princess and was so trusting in regards to her medical skill! There were so many high level martial artists here, and even a fifth rank doctor; but Princess was the only person who saw through the strangeness of this medicinal field.

“How did you know that there was a problem with the spiritual herbs?” A cold voice suddenly asked, interrupting everyone’s arguing.

It was unknown when Feng Yunjing had moved to Hexi’s side, but he was now leaning his head towards her with his eyes burning as he waited for her answer.

Hexi glanced at him before indifferently answering, “Intuition.”

This perfunctory answer caused Feng Yunjing’s face to frown in anger.

He hadn’t expected that even though he’d discarded his honour to ask, Hexi would dare not to give him any face.

But, in fact, Hexi didn’t actually lie.

When it came to the spiritual herbs within this medicinal field, whether it was colour, shape, scent, or spiritual power fluctuations; they all were exactly the same as real herbs.

She couldn’t accurately pinpoint what was wrong with the herbs, but her doctor’s natural instinct made her feel naturally sensitive towards poisonous substances.

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This was also coupled with Dandan’s warning from her s.p.a.ce in the beginning. “Mother, there are dangerous things here; be careful!”

Wu Yu waved the fan as he chuckled, “Ohh, so you’re going to kill people to silence them? I’m so scared! I wonder who it was that was just in the Major Cloud array asking my Master not to kill them!”

Since eating Hexi’s delicious food, Wu Yu had firmly established the principle of unwaveringly holding the Princess’s words on a high pedestal.

If Princess were to ever argue with his Master, he would undoubtedly support Princess to the end.

Yeah, everything is worth it for food!

Gu Liufeng saw Feng Lian Ying’s extremely unsightly faced, and sneered, “Which one our words was slanderous? Wasn’t it because of your Liu Li sect’s Ice Lotus Fairy that more people lost consciousness?”

At that time, many martial artists had entered the medicinal field and fallen unconscious because of Feng Lian Ying’s a.s.sembling Soul Fragrance.

Feng Yunjing glanced at Wu Yu, then looked at Nangong Yu; a corner of his mouth rising slightly. “How come I was unaware that the servants from h.e.l.l King Manor could be so uncontrolled?”

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