The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 306 – Just A Warning

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Chapter 306 – Just A Warning

This man had repeatedly humiliated her and made her angry to the point where she wished she could dismember his body.

Due to her anger, her eyes shone bright like stars, while her lips were as delicate and exquisite as rose petals. Her skin was like sparkling and translucent jade flushed with a scarlet peach blossom colour.

Such world-shaking beauty was bound to stand out from the

Seeing the scene in front of him, Feng Yunjing became somewhat crazy, and an intense urge to monopolise him bloomed within his heart.

This person, he wanted him!

The Purple Abyss Vine in Hexi’s hand shook violently as if at any moment it would be unable to resist intervening.

However, Nangong Yu moved faster than her, and a long, black sword appeared in his hand, its sharp end pointing straight towards Feng Yunjing.

Even though a gentle and n.o.ble smile hung on his face, the coldness in his eyes seemed to emphasise his feelings of wanting to tear the man before him to shreds.

“Feng Yunjing, did you forget? Outside of the secret territory, you’re not my match!”

He paused, and the curve at a corner of his mouth became more gentle but seemed to emit a bloodthirsty feeling that could make anyone’s hair stand on end. “In this Major Cloud array, your cultivation base is worthless. If I wanted to take your life, it would be as easy as flipping my hand!”

That said, a blinding green ray of light burst from his body. Following this, his figure abruptly disappeared from where he’d stood.

“Blood…blood refining body cultivator of the fourth rank!!” One of the disciple’s of the Liu Li sect couldn’t help uttering a roar of horror. “Wasn’t h.e.l.l King a high-level spiritual cultivation martial artist?! Why…why is he also a blood refining body cultivator?!!”

No one with a dual soul cultivation base had appeared for over a million years!

In the end, to what extent was h.e.l.l King’s true strength?!

Shock also emerged in Feng Yunjing’s eyes, and he rapidly stepped backwards to summon all kinds of spiritual weapons to his hands.

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However, in comparison, Nangong Yu’s Long Sword was faster and more ruthless.

Shock and anger, plus a surge of fighting spirit, rose within his heart; he was unwilling to lose face in front of him!

Seeing Nangong Yu’s powerful sword, Nie Jinchen, who had been foolishly watching all this time, suddenly sobered and shouted, “Nangong Yu, have mercy!”

However, Nangong Yu didn’t seem to hear him.

The sword suddenly thrust forward and severely pierced Feng Yunjing’s left shoulder. Yet while it had missed his heart, it was still dangerously close to it.

A deadly silence descended within the white fog.

The sound of the sword piercing flesh still rung in their ears.

Everyone was frightened by h.e.l.l King’s horrible strength and ruthlessness, so for a moment, they all kept quiet out of fear.

Nangong Yu withdrew the black sword, and coldly said, “This time was just a warning, but next time, you won’t be so lucky!”

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