The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 303 – Leave Nangong Yu?

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Chapter 303 – Leave Nangong Yu?

Even though it was a matter that had nothing to do with himself, Shangguan Rui couldn’t help but interrupt as he stood off to the side. “I’ve seen this boy in h.e.l.l King Manor before; the servants there all treat him extremely respectfully. It may be a.s.sumed that his relations.h.i.+p with h.e.l.l King must be exceptionally intimate?”

Hearing Shangguan Rui’s words, Feng Lian Ying grit her teeth out of jealousy. But when she turned her head and saw the black clothed man’s gloomy look, a delighted smile couldn’t help but spread across her face.

Big Brother had also hoped that the Feng family could be connected by marriage to h.e.l.l King Manor, yet now this loathsome brat had inserted himself between her and Nangong Yu, destroying their relations.h.i.+p with h.e.l.l King Manor. How could Big Brother not be angry?

Even though she didn’t know what trick that brat had used, it was clear that in this white fog, these people weren’t his match.

The only one who could kill him was her Big Brother; Feng Yunjing.

That’s right, the black clothed man in front of her was the Young Master of the Feng family. Cang Ming Kingdom’s most powerful and feared man of the Feng family – Feng Yunjing.

Although the Liu Li sect was one of the four major sects in the Mi Luo continent, in actuality, it was all because of the influence of the Feng family. In the Liu Li sect, Feng Lian Ying was capable of stirring up all sorts of trouble, and yet she could still be called the Young Head of the sect. But compared to her Big Brother, Feng Yunjing, in regards to terms of privilege or strength, it was like comparing clouds to mud.

From a child until now, Feng Lian Ying had been afraid of this half-brother. Except for Nangong Yu, she had never seen a man as fearful and powerful as her Big Brother.

Therefore, as long as her Big Brother was willing to help her, killing this b.a.s.t.a.r.d would be as simple as crus.h.i.+ng an ant.

Feng Yunjing’s face was gloomy and cold, leaving his thoughts utterly unreadable as he slowly walked towards Hexi.

Hexi’s expression was also no longer as wilful as before, but instead grave as she tightly clenched the purple vine in her hand.

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Feng Yunjing didn’t make any moves to attack her. Instead, he slowly walked to stand in front of Hexi, then darkly said, “Xi Yue, is it? Perhaps I can give you an opportunity to not die!”

However, Feng Lian Ying had barely rushed towards Hexi before she was restrained by Feng Yunjing, leaving her completely unable to move even a simple step.

Feng Lian Ying was shocked and raised her head to stare at her Big Brother, then she hysterically screamed, “Feng Yunjing, even you are seduced by him?! Such a shameless man! In the end, what’s so good about him? Aren’t you are afraid that if Daddy knows…”

“PAH!!–” The sounds of a slap echoed in their ears, and Feng Lian Ying was thrown to the ground by Feng Yunjing’s. .h.i.t.

Lifting her head she met with her Big Brother’s dark and cold eyes, causing her to tremble all over. An unspeakable fear surged within her heart, draining her complexion to a deathly pale.

“Big Brother, I’m sorry, I…I didn’t mean to say that. I said that out of anger…” Feng Lian Ying’s heart was full of fear, to the extent that her voice was trembling and making her words hard to understand.

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