The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 296 – We Will Definitely Meet Again

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Chapter 296 – We Will Definitely Meet Again

“I just have to find this core of the array?”

Shen Qingchuo tilted her head to the side in thought for a moment, then said, “Actually, there is a way. That is, a way to destroy all sixty-four parts of the array eye in a short period, causing the array to briefly cease functioning. Although this period of time will only be for a few short breaths, if you’re prepared to enter the medicinal field, then it’s still possible. But, wanting to find the sixty-four parts of the array eye within a short time is practically impossible because once the time run outs, the destroyed parts of the array will be automatically restored. Moreover, the force the fog uses to absorb spiritual power will dramatically increase.”

Hexi looked pensive as she said, “I understand, thank you for telling me this!”

Having said that, Hexi withdrew a set of clothes from her s.p.a.ce and gave them to Shen Qingchuo, before she indifferently said, “This should be enough to repay you for your information. It’s dangerous inside this white fog, so you should hurry up and leave!”

This time she didn’t stop and quickly disappeared into the thick fog.

Left alone, the girl quickly dressed in the clothes that had been handed to her. Lifting up one of the sleeves to the tip of her nose, she smelled the scent of fresh medicinal herbs and a faint blush covered both of her cheeks. “We’ll meet again, right?…We will definitely meet again.”


Hexi’s figure disappeared into the fog, and to ensure that no one was around, she immediately summoned the Purple Abyss Vine from her s.p.a.ce.

As the Purple Abyss Vine came into contact with the white fog, it promptly began swaying excitedly. It then started transmitting its excitement and cravings to Hexi through her divine sense.

However, Hexi didn’t dare let it do as it pleased and refused to allow it to absorb more spiritual power. If it were to cause another whirlpool within the white fog, or directly touch the array; then she would be in big trouble.

After appeasing the Purple Abyss Vine and promising to give it some spiritual fire for it to eat when they entered the medicinal field, the Purple Abyss Vine reluctantly calmed down.

Hexi flicked her hands, and in a split second, several hundred purple shadows flew out; all of them instantly shooting in all directions of the white fog.

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This was the Purple Abyss Vine’s unique technique of dividing its body into thousands of vines, and it was the quickest way to search for the core and the eye of the array in this boundless white fog.

However, with the exact location of the sixty-four parts of the array’s eye, it wouldn’t be too complicated for her to destroy it within a short time.

A corner of Hexi’s mouth stretched into a faint smile, and with a light tap of her foot, she disappeared from where she stood.

The location of the first part of the array’s eye was nearby, so Hexi arrived beside it very quickly.

The white fog surrounding the part of the array’s eye was apparently a lot thicker than other areas, which made the draining of spiritual power extremely powerful.

Hexi’s eyes focused, and the main part of the Purple Abyss Vine sprang out, heading towards the centre of the array’s eye without any hesitation.

Before her, there was only a thick layer of fog, but she still heard a crash echo around her, as if something had broken.

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