The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 295 – Major Cloud Array

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Chapter 295 – Major Cloud Array

Since she’d read the ancient records left by Old Man Xumi, she had some understanding about arrays, but at most, it could only be regarded as minimal. So if she wanted to break the array, it was simply impossible.

The strong man noticed that Hexi was lost in thought and completely unguarded.

His hands that were by his sides slowly moved towards his chest pocket. He knew that this youngster before him would never let him go, so this being the case, he might as well strike first and try to gain an advantage.

He abruptly took out a tube which stored poisonous needles and fiercely aimed one at the youngster’s heart.

With a quiet swoosh, a needle flickering with green light flew directly towards Hexi’s chest.

A vicious light gleamed within the man’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but shout as he stood up, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, go die!!”

Yet before he could finish his curse, his eyes opened wide in horror.

What he saw was that the needle surrounded by flickering green light was unexpectedly caught between Hexi’s slender and fair fingers. Then, before he could react, the needle suddenly flew back towards him; straight towards his left eye.

“AHHH–!” The man uttered a pained scream as he covered his left eye and tumbled to the ground.

He wanted to howl in anguish and beg for mercy, but before he could say a word, his eye that had been pierced by the needle began to rot while a white foamed mixed with blood filled his mouth. There was so much that it started to overflow and he had to keep spitting it out.

After a moment, he stopped breathing.

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Hexi was too lazy to even glance at him and turned to leave.

A trace of disappointment flashed within the girl’s eyes, but it was quickly replaced with even more grat.i.tude. “No matter how it happened, if you hadn’t saved me, I…I really don’t know…My name is Shen Qingchuo, and I’m a disciple of the Red Cloud sect. Young Master, if you have anything that requires my help in the future, please don’t hesitate to find me at the Red Cloud sect. I’ll certainly go to any length to repay Young Master’s favour.”

The girl had initially wanted to use a jade tablet or talisman for help, but in this white fog, she couldn’t open her storage ring. This made her heart feel upset and ashamed.

Hexi nodded her head to indicate that she understood, then turned around to leave once more.

Seeing his back as he turned around, Shen Qingchuo bit her lower lip and suddenly said, “Young Master, do you want to enter the medicinal field? I…I know the way to enter it.”

Hexi stopped in her tracks, her gaze not as cold as it was before as she looked back at the girl.

Shen Qingchuo’s cheeks reddened, and she slightly lowered her eyelashes. Then, she softly said, “I…I heard my Sect Elder say that Zijin Master’s medicinal field is known as the Hundred Herb Mist, and that the array inside is the powerful Major Cloud array. There are a total of two sections to the array; the core, and the sixty-four part eye. Only one of them is in this white fog though; if you want to break the Major Cloud array, you need to find the array eye and cut off its energy supply. With that, the array core will shortly appear as a portal door. That portal door is the gateway to the medicinal field.”

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