The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 290 – A Hell-Like World

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Chapter 290 – A h.e.l.l-Like World

“When they were going in and out of the white fog before, could it be that it was to find a secret method?”

“How could there be a secret method? When they entered the white fog they didn’t have any spiritual power fluctuation. This was a clear sign that their spiritual power is being absorbed by the white fog.”

“Humph, this group of idiots. It must be because their cultivation bases are so profound that they’re able to get through the white fog. In that case, we just have to wait here to profit from them.”

“But those people’s cultivation bases were so high and their methods were so vicious, if by chance…”

“What if by chance their cultivation bases are high so that without their cultivation bases they only end up like ordinary people? At that time, the more treasures they have, the greater the benefits we can get.”

“Humph, daring to oppose my Murong family! I’ll let that stinky brat who wore a mask know what happens to those who offend my Murong family!”


Inside the white fog, there was a bone-chilling aura.

Without spiritual power, a cultivation base, and having your physical strength drained away little by little…this was a h.e.l.l-like world.

However, this was more terrible compared to gradually moving towards a possible death as hidden within the dense fog, the sounds of a ma.s.sacre could suddenly be heard all around.

“Ahhh–! Spare me! I beg you, spare me! I’ll give you all of my treasures!”

Wretched screams and begging echoed throughout the thick fog.

However, the only response that was given was the rough and excited laughter of men. “Sparing your life just gets us treasure, but if we kill you, then the treasures and your woman are all ours. You tell us if it was you, what would you choose?”

The figures of seven to eight st.u.r.dy and tall men with their faces’ covered with a black cloth surrounded a small group of people. The lead man’s eyes were slanted at an angle as he looked at the young girl with lewd and greedy intentions.

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“We’re disciples of the Red Cloud sect of the Tian Gang Kingdom. If you dare lay your hands on us, my Sect Master will never let you off!”

As his words fell, several men rushed forward shouting strangely; the noise similar to the sound a swarm of hornets make leaving their nest.

Every one of them held a gigantic weapon in their hand. Some were holding giant hammers, some were holding large swords, and there was even one who held a huge and heavy axe.

These heavy weapons were simply unable to be held up by ordinary people, however, in the men’s hands’ they were like swaying toys.

In just a short moment, four young martial artists had their bodies effortlessly smashed, a blood-curdling screech piercing the silence as they fell to the ground.

The terrifying part though was that one person was split open from head to toe by the large axe, causing his internal organs and blood to spew to the ground. This scene was extremely b.l.o.o.d.y and terrifying.

The young girl was the only one who remained, and she released a horrified shriek, her voice full of fear and despair.

The masked leader was covered in sweat as he stepped forward and pulled at the girl, forcing her to stand up. Then, he maniacally laughed as he said, “Brothers, do you see her; such a soft and tender-skinned young girl with a cultivation base at the peak of Meridians stage. I’m sure in her large sect she’s the cream of the crop. Have you ever tasted such a delicacy before?”

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