The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 288 – Barely Satisfactory

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Chapter 288 – Barely Satisfactory

After a moment of silence, Hexi’s expression regained its tranquillity.

For her, although her cultivation base was significant, it wasn’t her only way to save a person’s life; she still had poison, qinggong, and her internal power. If there was anyone who dared to rush over and provoke her, she wasn’t afraid to fix that person’s appearance.

As Hexi’s heart calmed down, she began to sense the spiritual power in her body gradually draining away; as if an external force was pulling and pushing her dantian to make it release her spiritual power. However, the spiritual power that was released didn’t form any fluctuations in the surroundings as the white fog immediately absorbed it.

Hexi tried burning the white fog but found that the spiritual fire was barely released from her body before it disappeared without a trace.

As time went on, more and more spiritual power drained from her body, and once it reached almost eighty percent, her complexion was nearly deathly white.

But suddenly, she opened her eyes, and within them, a trace of understanding was visible while a confident smile graced her lips.

Outside the white fog, Nangong Yu’s hand tightly gripped the Golden Silk. His outward expression was calm, but his clenched fist exposed his nervousness.

Abruptly, his eyes lit up and gazing towards the white fog; he saw a slender silhouette slowly moving closer.

With facial features as bright as sunlight within the white fog, her appearance resembled the most enchanting fairies of the Demon Beast Forest. This image firmly lodged itself in his heart, and he found that he was no longer able to free himself.

As soon as Hexi exited the white fog, she immediately swallowed a spiritual supplement pill that was made with spirit spring water and began to meditate to regulate her spiritual power.

She had already discovered a way to deal with the white fog, but first, she needed to restore her spiritual power and then she would go in to try again.

The spiritual supplement pill had barely entered Hexi’s body before she suddenly felt tranquil spiritual power suffuse her body from her back. Slowly entering her body, that spiritual power carried with it a familiar warmth and gentleness.

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It was Nangong Yu. He was using his spiritual power to a.s.sist her body in absorbing the spiritual supplement pill and accelerate its effects.

Hexi nodded and took her pulse. Then, with regret evident in her voice, she said, “I’ve found a way to suppress the loss of spiritual power, but that can only prevent the loss to about eighty percent. Moreover, this kind of method is normally only used to strengthen a person; in an environment such as the white fog attacking is absolutely impossible. In the end, figuring out a way within such a short time left me with barely satisfactory results!”

This is still barely satisfactory? You’re not satisfied?! How do you let other people live if these are your standards?!

Wu Yu glanced at Qing Long, his face full of shock and admiration. This Princess of his was too awesome! None of the Gold Core stage or Nascent Soul stage martial artists had been able to do anything about the white fog, but their Princess’s hands had effortlessly brushed it aside.

Tsk tsk, she really was a woman worthy of his abnormal Master’s fancy!

Hexi lifted her head to look at everyone. “To be sure, it’s best if someone amongst you all goes in and tries it out.”

She wanted to test it out just in case there was someone with a slightly unusual const.i.tution. If she were unable to seal their acupuncture points, then that would be troublesome.

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