The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 281 – The Space Cracks

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Chapter 281 – The s.p.a.ce Cracks

Nangong Yu’s eyes instinctively looked towards Hexi, while Hexi snorted coldly and turned her head away to avoid looking at him.

His face became extremely cold. Without bothering to answer Gu Liufeng, he instead chose to look at Qing Long with eyes containing a bitingly cold murderous intent.

Qing Long hurriedly took a step forward and cautiously said, “Answering Master, these rumours were spread by Intoxicated Happiness Square a while ago. We had originally wanted to deal with these rumours, but Zhu Que did some investigating and found that Intoxicated Happiness Square was Liu Li sect’s property. She also said Master, that the friendship between you and Ice Lotus Fairy isn’t ordinary, so if we handled it rashly, it would affect your relationship with Liu Li sect. Therefore, it has been delayed up until now.”

It would’ve been better if Qing Long hadn’t spoken those words, but once he did, Gu Liufeng couldn’t help but leisurely laugh as he strolled to Hexi’s side and said, “Little Yue’er, did you hear that? So they’ve actually had an unusual friendship since a long time ago!”

Hexi coldly glared at Gu Liufeng, causing him to rub his nose and reluctantly say, “Alright, Xi Yue.”

Nangong Yu’s gloomy and cold gaze glared at Qing Long, making Qing Long who was being stared at so bluntly feel cold all over. He had the feeling that he would be kicked by his Master at any moment.

Shrinking his neck into his shoulders, he looked up and whispered, “Master…”

Nangong Yu coldly said, “Once we return, I want to see Intoxicated Happiness Square destroyed. If you can’t even properly handle this kind of matter, all four of you better get out of h.e.l.l King Manor!”

“Yes, Master!” Qing Long breathed out a long sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead before he then took a step backwards.

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Hexi was now bored of hearing about Ice Lotus Fairy, so she turned and looked at Gu Liufeng. “How did you find this place?”

“Cough cough…” Gu Liufeng seemed to choke on his own saliva and stroking his chin in disbelief, he said, “Little Yue’er, you actually have so much confidence in me, this is really my honour.”

Nangong Yu was watching on the side, and seeing Gu Liufeng and Hexi talking so happily together, he felt like there was a fire nestled in his heart. He was itching to slaughter that frivolous kid who wore a mask.

However, because of the rumours surrounding his supposed marriage from earlier, he didn’t want to provoke Xi’er into getting angrier. Due to this Nangong Yu was feeling somewhat uneasy and he didn’t dare act rashly.

Speaking of this, he really was wronged! He obviously hadn’t known anything about this rumour and what’s more, from childhood up till now he’d been never close to any woman. Now that he finally had someone he loved, he kept being misunderstood and ignored; it simply made an unspeakably frustrated and irritated mood boil within him.

When Qing Long saw that his Master was covered in a murderous aura that he was unable to vent, how could he not understand? So quickly stepping forward, he said, “Prin…cough…Young Master Xi, this humble one and Master have established a blood contract, so even if we’re miles away from each other I can still sense Master’s location. Therefore, I was able to bring Young Master Gu with me to find this place. This s.p.a.ce crack has a high possibility of tearing apart so all the way here this subordinate was worried, but fortunately, you and Master are all right.”

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