The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 276 – The One Who Causes Distress

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Chapter 276 – The One Who Causes Distress

Hexi watched it sway in obvious excitement, even though its thick vines were still motionless. However, she noticed that it looked as if it was eating and digesting food.

A corner of Hexi’s mouth twitched and pushing aside the Purple Abyss Vine’s branch that was stretching over to fawn before her, she gave it a few orders and then entered her s.p.a.ce. She made sure to attach a part of her Divine Sense to the Purple Abyss Vine though, that way she would be able to keep a close eye on her surroundings.

As soon as she entered her s.p.a.ce she heard the sad sobbing of Dandan.

Sensing a new presence in the s.p.a.ce, Dandan suddenly whipped his head around like a bird startled by the snapping of a twig. When he saw that it was just Hexi, he immediately leapt into her arms.

“Mother, whaa…I thought that I’d never see you again, Mother…!”

Dandan cries were extremely heart wrenching as if he wanted to vent out all of the fear and worry that he’d been carrying these past few hours.

Currently, Dandan’s body had reverted back to his original appearance, but his previous round, smooth, and tender body had now become flat. His body colour now also appeared a little transparent, displaying the look of one in poor health and undernourished.

Hexi pinched his small round face with a sad expression on her face and reproachfully said, “In the future, you’re not allowed to take your own safety as a joke, do you hear me?! Even if it’s to save me, you can’t do it!”

When Dandan was still incubating, he had practically needed to absorb a city’s worth of spiritual energy before he was able to break out of his sh.e.l.l.

In fact, while his body contained an extreme amount of formidable power, that same amount of power represented his life source. If the power was ever halved and weakened, he would return to the shape of an egg and possibly even lose his life.

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Acting like a spoiled child, Dandan continuously rubbed his head against Hexi’s chest.

Hexi kissed his small cheek and softly said, “Alright, I promise you Dandan that I won’t die and abandon you. Dandan is a good child, so don’t cry anymore, okay?”

Dandan’s mind was only matured to that of a four or five-year-old child, so when he heard that he immediately felt happy. Clasping his cheeks that were kissed by Hexi he continuously giggled, his little face filled with happiness and joy.

However, when his gaze landed on the body of the still unconscious little Golden Dragon on the edge of the spirit spring, he immediately reverted back into a crying bun. “Mother, why hasn’t Longlong woken up yet? Is Longlong going to die? Mother, you’re so powerful, so save him, okay?!”

Carrying Dandan, Hexi made her way towards the edge of the spirit spring and seeing the little Golden Dragon’s body covered in cuts and bruises, her heart found it difficult to bear.

She had only just formed a contract with this spirit pet so she didn’t yet have any sentimental feelings for it, and so far their interactions had been ones of looking down upon one another. However, she never would’ve thought that it would go to such an extent to save her.

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