The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 275 – Will Never Let Her Off

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Chapter 275 – Will Never Let Her Off

Hexi felt her heart beating wildly in her chest and became anxious to get out of Nangong Yu’s arms, but then she heard his dark and husky voice slowly saying, “Never, I’ll never let you go! Xi’er, just accept your fate! In this life, you’re mine!”

Nangong Yu then lowered his head and slowly inched towards the soft pink cherry lips he always thought about. It was such a sweet taste; an ecstasy he felt down to his bones and one that he had missed for many days.

However, the second before his lips landed, Hexi slightly turned her small face to the side and made his warm kiss land on a corner of her mouth.

Although he had made contact with her exquisite skin and could smell her sweet fragrance which was extremely alluring, the originally hot atmosphere in the cave was slowly becoming colder.

Nangong Yu could feel Hexi’s resistance and disaffection towards him.

When Hexi turned her head back, her gaze was frozen as she decisively stared at him and slowly opened her mouth to say, “Nangong Yu, no matter how pleasant it is to hear your confession, there are still some things I have to tell you first!”

“Feng Lian Ying…I will definitely kill her! I don’t care who she is or how powerful her backers are, I absolutely refuse to let her off! One day I’ll make her pay me back what she owes me a hundred times!”

Hexi’s voice was ice cold and filled with a resolute tone. With the trace of murderous intent mixed in, it made those who had previously heard it become colder than they were before.

She admitted that her current skill was inferior and that she was still unable to kill Feng Lian Ying, with no possible way to confront the Liu Li sect.

But just because she wasn’t currently capable of it, that didn’t mean that it wouldn’t be possible in the future. She, Hexi, had always paid a debt of grat.i.tude with kindness, and revenge with hatred. She wouldn’t let anyone off who dared provoke her people! Even if she had to oppose Nangong Yu, she still wouldn’t hesitate to even the score!

One day, she would establish her own power, so that the people in this world won’t dare to easily humiliate her again!

For all of this, she could only depend on herself and not rely on other people.

Nangong Yu stared in a daze at Hexi’s burning and s.h.i.+ning eyes that were like an unfathomable clear pond. They resembled an unpredictable ocean, so arrogant, so conceited, but also so completely breathtaking.

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This was his Xi’er!

Her steps slightly faltered, and then no longer wanting to stay, she left the cave.


Hexi walked out of the cave and took a deep breath, finding that it was only then that her anxiousness could calm down.

Releasing the Purple Abyss Vine, she restored it to its original form to cover the cave entrance once again.

When the Purple Abyss Vine saw Hexi, it immediately started to sway vigorously. It seemed extremely joyous but also very excited.

Whether it was just an illusion, Hexi felt that even though the Purple Abyss Vine was only in her s.p.a.ce for a short period of time, it seemed a lot st.u.r.dier and solid. The leaves were also plumper, while its originally transparent purple stems and leaves seemed darker too.

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