The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 272 – Spiritual Demon Plant

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Chapter 272 – Spiritual Demon Plant

Plants were afraid of fire so sure enough, as soon as the fireball touched the Purple Abyss Vine it instantly started burning.

However, unexpectedly, even though the Purple Abyss Vine was bathed in the fire it didn’t seem frightened like it had when it was being struck by the lightning. Instead, it seemed to tremendously enjoy the fire.

All of its purple vines swayed gently in the flames and at the same time, the spiritual power contained within the fire seemed to be diminishing. These purple vines were actually devouring the spiritual fire??

A moment later, all of the golden flames were completely extinguished.

Hexi’s expression became grave as she prepared to withstand the Purple Abyss Vine’s next wave of attack. However, the Purple Abyss Vine once again responded beyond her expectations.

They indeed moved towards Hexi, but it had no intention of attacking her. Rather, it entangled itself around Hexi’s feet and body with an action similar to fawning and acting coquettishly.

Raising its st.u.r.diest vine in front of her, it then swayed it to and fro. This pose made it seem like it was asking for something.

For a moment Hexi was dumbstruck. Could it be that this purple vine was an M? Did it enjoy being attacked and wanted more?

During this time, Nangong Yu standing behind her stepped forward and taking out a porcelain bottle filled with Ninth Secluded Spring Water, he poured two drops onto the purple vine swaying in front of Hexi.

In the next instant, the scene unfolding before Hexi caused her further shock.

The leaves of the Purple Abyss Vine suddenly started emitting the hint of a violet light and during this, they all stood straight up and swayed in sync.

Hexi could’ve sworn that if there was music, the purple vines would’ve been dancing around in a lively manner.

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After moving about for a while in a synchronised dance, the violet light faded without a trace and the st.u.r.dier vines once again eagerly wrapped themselves around Hexi; this time including Nangong Yu in its fawning. Then, almost as if it was impatiently begging, it rubbed its leaves together to make a rustling sound.

You could say that possessing the spiritual power of all five elements would make Hexi exceptionally powerful, but at the same time, the road of ascension was also tremendously more difficult when compared to other martial artists.

Since she was still a low-level martial artist it wasn’t too bad though as she could only acc.u.mulate a certain amount of spiritual power.

But if she wanted to advance to Gold Core stage in the future, she would inevitably need to make a breakthrough on the spiritual power of all five elements. This would help to balance her spiritual power and raise her chances of succeeding.

It wasn’t too difficult for her to advance the dual attributes of fire and water, but for several other elements, she had yet to find a method to help advance them. So in regards to this, it would definitely be useful for her to take a wood attribute spirit pet.

But while many people took in all sorts of spirit pets, most of them were beast pets. How many of them were able to subdue plant spirit pets?

Would the Purple Abyss Vine really want to be her spirit pet?

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