The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 27 – The Good For Nothing May Also Be A Genius

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Chapter 27 – The Good For Nothing May Also Be A Genius

Taking a few steps towards Hexi, he grasped her hand with a smile, and like a lover he gently caressed her, “This is the hand that injured me? Do you know what happens to people who dare to injure me?”

Hexi slowly calmed her breathing, the pain in her internal organs making her face turn as pale as paper.

With a heated gaze, the man clutched her small and weak hand. Her delicate skin indirectly caressing the pointed coc.o.o.n on his belly, making her shudder and a numbness to spread up her arm.

Hexi lightly twisted her wrist to try and break the man’s hold, however, he pulled her forward, dragging her to fall on his chest.

“Not long ago, there was a woman who acted self-righteous in order to attract me. In a public place, surrounded by a crowd, she dared to point a sword at me.” His low voice held a dangerous demonic charm, slowly he exhaled in her ear, “Little girl, you tell me, should I destroy your hands or the meridians in your body?”

“If you want to destroy it then just destroy it, why are you talking so much? Do you think I will beg you?” Hexi looked up at him and sneered. Her expression was dark, but her eyes were bright with stars, stubborn and icily arrogant, unflinching staring back.

The man’s heart faintly stirred, as if her pair of eyes were leaving a mark at the bottom of his heart. His heart, that has always been calm and cold like a lake, felt an indescribable ripple appear.

He couldn’t help but laugh, removing the power pressuring her body, his voice contained a trace of helplessness, “You are still young, but why are you so stubborn?”

Hexi frowned, just about to retort, when she suddenly felt a thread of pure essence enter a vein in her detained wrist, spreading throughout her entire body in a flash.

The cool energy wave replaced the previous oppressive power, travelling rapidly in her body to her dantian. The pain in her internal organs, that had felt as if they were being ripped apart, disappeared without a trace, replaced with a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

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“What are you doing?” She was surprised, could it be that this person was now healing her?

The man’s hot palm suddenly gripped her lower jaw, leaning over, he stared at her pair of clear and bright phoenix eyes, “Nalan Hexi, is it? I’ll remember you now, we will meet again soon.”

“Who are you actually?”

Just as Hexi’s cold and sharp question was asked, she felt a gust of air brush past her. The man that had been standing in front of her, had now disappeared without a trace.

The candlelight flickered gently in the room but there was only her, standing all alone, as if that strange man had merely been an illusion.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d—-! She cursed in her heart, gnashing her teeth while laying back down on the bed, entering her s.p.a.ce again.

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