The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 26 – You’re Seducing Me

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Chapter 26 – You’re Seducing Me

Hexi was cursing in her heart, while on the contrary, a sneer was plastered on her face, “That would depend on whether you have the ability to or not.”

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed as she struggled free from the man’s hold, reappearing one metre away.

Her hands flipped over, and with a burst of speed, Invisible Needles ruthlessly shot towards the man in front of her.

However, Hexi’s expectations of the man getting shot and turning into a hedgehog were let down.

The Invisible Needles flew towards the black clothed man like lightning, scarcely leaving a shadow. But within three inches from his face the needles stopped, motionless, it was like a magic spell surrounded his body.

The man leisurely extended his slender fingers, exuding confidence and elegance, he pinched a small needle.

He studied the silver needle in his hand, feeling a cold sensation transmitted from his fingertips throughout his body.

“This needle is somewhat interesting, it’s made using thousand year black ice, oh, it also seems to contain a certain amount of spiritual power. Therefore, it would be able to injure an early stage cultivator of Qi Refining stage, and Foundation Establishment stage.”

“But, these small toys of yours, are useless on me.”

The man’s fingers lightly pinched, and his slender hands which resembled jade, the bone joints clearly distinct, crushed the Invisible Needles into dust, leaving it to scatter in the air without a trace.

Hexi’s expression turned ugly, in the next moment, she became aware of the flower in front of her. The man that had until recently been standing at a distance from her, suddenly appeared in front of her, capturing her wrist.

Her expression changing, Hexi’s body flipped into the air, her agility similar to a cat as she broke free from his hold.

However, the black clothed man’s movements were even more nimble compared to hers. His long arms stretched, and hooking two fingers in her belt, he pulled her back into his embrace, “How was it, do my skills please you?”

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Completely unable to move, his warm breath tickled Hexi’s ear, her body was pressed firmly against his st.u.r.dy chest, restraining her right hand that held more Invisible Needles at her back.

This little girl had dared to injure him!

Without using a cultivation base and only relying on martial arts, in this entire Jin Ling country, only a few had ever managed to injure him. Now, the hand’s of this little girl, completely lacking any cultivation base, had injured him.

With bare feet, Hexi stepped on the bed. The sleeves of her clothes fluttering in an invisible breeze, her pale, small face revealed a cruel, untamed expression, “Based on your skills? If you want to make me pleased, do it in the next life!”

However in the next moment, Hexi’s complexion suddenly changed. A strong pressure, similar to that of a huge gale, swept over her, making her feel as if she was being crushed by a giant hand. Her five viscera and six bowels we’re in so much pain it was difficult to withstand the pressure.

The red flush on her face quickly receded, her body trembling, she was unable to bear it and spit out a mouthful of blood.

This type of coercion belongs to a high level martial artist, in front of this kind of power pressure, Hexi felt herself to be a tiny individual with no power. At anytime she could be crushed and turned into ash!

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