The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 259 – How Could I Kill You?

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Chapter 259 – How Could I Kill You?

The eyes glaring at her were frighteningly bloodthirsty, and paired with such a murderous aura being exuded from his body, it could make anyone tremble from fear. It was as though in the next moment that she would be torn into shreds and devoured.

Hexi’s heart sank little by little, while the corners of her mouth curled into a forlorn yet mocking smile.

This man, does he hate her now? Does he hate her because she injured his beloved woman?

Those previous sentimental feelings; those previous promises…in front of his beloved Ice Lotus Fairy, would does he regard them as?

Nangong Yu raised her chin, then slowly said, “Xi’er, I just told you to come to me, didn’t you hear me?”

His voice was exceptionally gentle, but when it reached her ears, it caused her to shudder.

She wanted to step away from him, but her entire body was enveloped by a tremendous amount of spiritual power pressure, leaving her unable to move even a single step.

This was her first time directly experiencing Nangong Yu’s formidable strength, helping her to understand how it made despair grow in a person’s heart.

Feng Lian Ying suddenly raised her voice and shouted from where she was standing not too far away from them, “Brother Yu, I know your angry on my behalf, but Young Master Xi is your friend after all. Please, consider my reputation and don’t make things too difficult for them, okay? Young Master Xi didn’t intentionally injure me, I believe he certainly knows his mistake.”

After saying this, she then turned to shout at Hexi, “Young Master Xi, quickly admit your mistake to Brother Yu! Otherwise, when Brother Yu’s anger explodes, even I won’t be able to stop him…do you want to just helplessly watch on as your Young Master Gu dies in Brother Yu’s hands?”

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Hexi sneered upon hearing that, and a l.u.s.trous purple shade gleamed within her jet black phoenix eyes. She then firmly stared at Nangong Yu as she said, “Is this your purpose for calling me over? It was to kill me to take revenge on behalf of your close female friend? Nangong Yu, am I that foolish in your eyes; so foolish that I’ll obediently send myself to you and let you kill me?”

Nangong Yu’s face twisted upon hearing Nie Jinchen and Feng Lian Ying’s words. The murderous intent within his eyes seemed to condense into a storm, as though at any time he could tear everything apart before his eyes.

However, before he could make a move, a red light as sharp as a sword suddenly flew before Hexi. Latching around her waist, it quickly pulled her out of Nangong Yu’s embrace.

Gu Liufeng caught Hexi in the air, then steadily descended to the ground. Shoving Hexi behind him, he coldly said to Nangong Yu, “Your Highness h.e.l.l King, are you really unable to distinguish right from wrong today by being used as a tool by that woman?”

“Get lost! My matter with Xi’er, has nothing to do with you!”

Hexi tugged on Gu Liufeng’s sleeve, her face cold as she said, “Don’t meddle again. The person they want to kill is me; this has nothing to do with you and shopkeeper Zhou.”

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