The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 253 – Why Can’t I Be Here?

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Chapter 253 – Why Can’t I Be Here?

His Highness h.e.l.l King’s strength and ident.i.ty were thought of as unattainable. His att.i.tude to the outside world was always indifferent, cold, and unyielding.

Even when everyone was rushing like ducks towards this dangerous Sealed Dragon Domain, his att.i.tude was like a skilful butcher with a cleaver; he didn’t attach the slightest importance to any of the treasures.

But at this very moment anyone who was observant could see how agitated h.e.l.l King was; how much anger and worry was contained in his voice.

Qing Long who was behind Nangong Yu, held back the impulse to support his forehead. Why does his Master become a completely different person every time he saw Miss Nalan?

Hexi, of course, saw Nangong Yu.

She had noticed earlier than Gu Liufeng and Feng Lian Ying that there were people approaching, but before she had the time to think any further, Feng Lian Ying seemed to have been seriously injured and fell; uttering a delicate yet miserable shriek.

At first Hexi felt that this was strange. The whole time Gu Liufeng hadn’t been trying his hardest, while Feng Lian Ying had become quite powerful after taking a Red Phosphorus Pill. So how could she have somehow been hit?

It wasn’t until she saw the purple robed man holding Feng Lian Ying in his arms with a face full of rage, and Nangong Yu following behind that she understood. Her heart filled with an ‘I see’ sneer.

So it was a staged trick! No wonder she would rather bear Gu Liufeng’s blow; it was all for the sake of staging this scene!

Didn’t she see how angry and how distressed her Brother Yu was now?

Thinking up to here, a corner of Hexi’s mouth curled into a cold smile. “Your Highness h.e.l.l King and Ice Lotus Fairy could come here, so why can’t I come? Or do you think this secret territory was opened by your h.e.l.l King Manor?”

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Nangong Yu was dumbfounded. How long had it been since he’d heard Xi’er using such a cold tone when speaking to him.

The purple robed man holding her felt distressed. Due to his worry, perspiration was rapidly dripping down his face, and seeing Feng Lian Ying clinging to Nangong Yu, he couldn’t help but urgently say, “Nangong, what are you doing just standing there?! Quickly come and check on Little Sister Lian Ying’s condition…!”

Nangong Yu didn’t look back or turn to go see Feng Lian Ying, rather, he stared at Hexi with a burning gaze.

The purple robed man urgently said once more, “Nangong, don’t forget what you owe towards the Liu Li Sect! If Little Sister Lian Ying dies, your lifetime debt won’t ever be cleared. You still won’t think of a way to save Little Sister Lian Ying? Do you want to see her die?!”

Nangong Yu’s figure became slightly sluggish, before in the end he stopped and turned around to check on Feng Lian Ying’s condition.

Hexi coldly watched this play of Nangong Yu turning around, squatting down, and enveloping Feng Lian Ying in his spiritual power. When she saw Feng Lian Ying’s bashful and hopeful expression as she stared at Nangong Yu with fixed eyes, her heart surged with a violent anger.

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