The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 234 – Life Spirit Beast “Qing Sha”

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Chapter 234 – Life Spirit Beast “Qing Sha”

Xi Yue! All of this was caused by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Xi Yue!

Just wait until she received the Inheritance; when she departed Zijin Palace, she would definitely dismember his body into pieces!

Zijin’s Master was in high spirits as he observed the reaction of the two people. Then slightly flinging out his sleeve, the scene before their eyes immediately changed.

Suddenly, they appeared in an expansive garden, and crouching in the middle of the garden there was a huge ferocious beast the size of a small hill. This ferocious beast’s physique was somewhat similar to a bear’s, but its face resembled a dog’s. At this moment, it was half lying on the ground, appearing a bit comical.

When Zijin’s Master saw this ferocious beast, his face became gentle and he walked up to the ferocious beast. Reaching out his hand, he stroked its fur as he said, “This is a life spirit beast that I subdued in Mi Luo Continent when I was younger; Qing Sha. He is also one of my most important companions. Your third test is to make Qing Sha acknowledge you. Whoever can gain Qing Sha’s approval can become the owner of Zijin Palace.”

As if responding to Zijin’s Master’s words, Qing Sha quickly poked Zijin’s Master with its big head, acting all coquettish and clingy.

Standing on the side, Feng Lian Ying’s gloomy face finally revealed a smile.

Taking a step forward with confidence, she laughed gracefully before asking, “Zijin’s Master, this time can you let me try first?”

Zijin’s Master nodded. “You may.”

Feng Lian Ying leisurely moved forward, and as she pa.s.sed beside Hexi, her steps suddenly halted, the corner of her mouth lifting into a strange smile. “May I ask Zijin’s Master, if I’m able to tame this spirit beast, doesn’t that mean that I would immediately become the inheritor of the Inheritance?”

Zijin’s Master was slightly startled for a moment, a glint of light flashing across his eyes. He then smiled as he nodded. “Exactly. Qing Sha will only recognise one Master, so no matter who gets the recognition of Qing Sha, that person will receive the Inheritance.”

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After hearing that, the smile on Feng Lian Ying’s face immediately became brilliant and proud. Then, she turned to Hexi and faintly said, “Young Master Xi, it wasn’t easy for you to come here, but unfortunately, the conclusion will disappoint you. I will certainly become the inheritor of Zijin Palace! After all, Brother Yu is still eagerly awaiting my good news!”

As her delicate hand gently swung the little bell, a melodious and beautiful tinkling sound could be heard.

Seeing this bell, Zijin’s Master couldn’t help but look up with the hint of an interested smile. “The Yin And Yang Bell, that’s rather interesting. That old man really gave any spiritual item to his treasured disciple!”

The bell’s ringing didn’t cause any reaction at first, but after a while, Qing Sha’s eyes lost their focus and became somewhat vague.

Seeing this happen, Feng Lian Ying was overjoyed and swayed the little bell in her hand faster.

As the tempo became faster and more coherent, the bell tones came together and formed a slightly queer melody.

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