The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 231 – Memory Maze

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Chapter 231 – Memory Maze

Soon after, her little Brother was taken away by a group of mysterious people who secretly sent him to an underground laboratory.

When she saw this, Hexi’s body began to tremble violently; the pain and anger in her chest surging like a tide.

As she floated in the air with a blank stare, she watched as her little Brother was pushed into the laboratory. Little by little his body was dissected, his limbs snapped and torn, and his skull scooped clean. Afterwards, he was was discarded like garbage into a pile of waste.

Watching this scene, Hexi felt a fury so destructive that it could destroy heaven and exterminate earth surge up within her, causing her to almost lose her mind and make her wish she could kill all the people in this world.

Like a wounded cub, she roared as she charged towards the murderers of her Brother in the scene below her feet.

However, the scene suddenly changed once again, morphing into the desert prison in ADX.

In order to rescue her partner, Lengye, she broke into the prison alone. Yet in exchange for her efforts, Lengye had stabbed a dagger into her chest.

Lengye had wanted her for himself, and when he had realised that that it wouldn’t ever be possible, he decided that if he couldn’t have her; no one could, and felt that it was better to kill her.

The organisation had taken advantage of her, and when they had felt threatened by her, they had decided to kill her.

In her past life she was like a chess piece; constantly being manipulated by fate and other people, with no freedom and no way to protect the people she had truly loved.

Would she just accept her fate as a chess piece? No! She wasn’t willing at all!

In this life she wanted to become stronger; stronger than anyone else so no one would be able to hurt her, and no one would be able to manipulate her!

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Hexi suddenly opened her eyes, and before her was the familiar elegant room and Zijin’s Master’s smiling features.

Zijin’s Master laughed slightly and said, “No matter how you did it…congratulations to the both of you on pa.s.sing the first examination. The result of this test was a tie, and now the second test will begin.”

Feng Lian Ying was dissatisfied; obviously she was the first one to exit the memory maze, so why was the result a tie?!

Yet, before she had a chance to speak, Zijin’s Master once again flicked out his sleeve. Soon, dozens of porcelain bottles appeared in front of Hexi and Feng Lian Ying.

Apart from the first porcelain bottle being red, these numerous bottles were all the same with no difference, and all of them were decorated with blue and white stripes.

Zijin’s Master laughed faintly. “While the treasure you want to inherit is my Maha Inheritance, the greatest pride in my life was my alchemy technique, and it beats the Inheritance due to my somewhat unique healing techniques. Therefore, this second test will be testing your medical expertise.”

“In front of each of you there is a red porcelain bottle; in this red bottle there is a highly poisonous medicinal pill called Dense Viper Orchid. This Dense Viper Orchid was something I refined when I was younger. The person who takes this pill, even if it’s a Nascent Soul stage martial artist, will be poisoned within a quarter of an hour. Once poisoned, your body will be covered with scales, just like a snake’s. But these scales don’t grow outward, rather, they grow and spread within your body, until they finally erode your heart and dantian. If you’re not cured in the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, then even G.o.d can’t save you!”

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