The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife

相思梓 - Xiang Si Zi

Chapter 23 – The Tragedy Of Beauty

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Chapter 23 – The Tragedy Of Beauty

Such a change lasted for a few minutes, resulting in Hexi’s entire body been covered by the dirty black grease. Her body issued a nausea inducing stench.

However, where she had originally felt pain and weakness of the internal organs, on the contrary, she now felt relaxed.

Hexi quickly stripped and, using the spirit spring water, she washed away the filth on her body and clothes. Once she was clean she felt refreshed, her whole body full of strength, like she had been reborn.

Could it be that not only this s.p.a.ce upgraded, but even the spirit spring upgraded?

Like in a legend, the spirit water would not only heal injuries, it would now even remove impurities within the body?! Hexi was overjoyed at this turn of events.

After dressing in her still slightly damp clothes, she was stunned when she accidentally saw her reflection in the spring water.

In her previous life, Hexi could be regarded as a beautiful woman, but compared now with the little girl in the spring water, it is simply the difference between dog tail gra.s.s and a flower.

The ripple in the clear spring water reflected the little girl’s tender and snow white skin. A pair of ink like phoenix eyes slowly opened, they were not charming and flirtatious, rather they were like the darkness under the starry sky. A vast, resplendent expanse.

The red lips were no longer chapped and cracked, instead they were like peach blossom petals, glossy and delicate. The upper lip was slightly raised, as if in silent invitation.

Hexi touched her face in shock, the spring water reflecting the little girl also touching her face. Two long, delicately curved, shapely eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. Like a budding flower that attracted tender affection.

There are words that describe an ancient beauty: Hands are like soft weeds, skin is like congealed fat, a neck like longhorn beetle larvae, tooth is gourd sharp, with one look can overturn a city, a second can overturn a country….every word and every sentence now resembled her born again self.

Heavens! This is Nalan Hexi’s true face?

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Hexi opened her eyes wide, she felt her brain has been too confused and was about to crash—-

Nalan Manor thought of her as an illegitimate child and hadn’t moved to help her previously, leaving her to suffer like a pig in a cage. With her past appearance making many people fight over her to become their furnace, with her now being like this, if she were to just go out many more people would fight over her.

With this thought, Hexi made a prompt decision, picking up the disguise kit that she had earlier placed beside the spring water, and applying it on her face.

Needless to say, Nalan Hexi’s face is definitely a source of calamity. Currently she didn’t have the strength to defend herself if her appearance were to be exposed in front of people, and she absolutely did not want to attract disaster.

In a short time and with a little effort, Hexi completed her disguise. She bent down and studied her reflection in the spring water, now an ordinary and pale appearance, once again resembling the previous Nalan Hexi.

“Well done!” Hexi flicked her finger, feeling her mood become good. As a woman she was pleased with her appearance, who wants to become ugly.

Besides her s.p.a.ce being upgraded and her changed appearance, she also found out, that after she had drunk the spring water, her internal energy has been fully recovered.

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